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  1. So one of Will, Rose, and Ricky is closing. So a repeat closer!
  2. So i actually downloaded tiktok just to check this They posted individual videos of people singing to i wanna dance with somebody for Katie, Jake, and Will, and Kat, and then paired Katie with Rose, Will with Ricky, and left Kat and Jake unpaired. There aren't any videos of HS or MB
  3. Ok, having had the chance to listen to all the studios: (Not ranked in any particular order) Katie - This song choice is just She performed it well, and I guess a positive is that a lack of really big moments mean there's no chance to accuse her of "screaming." She'll probably kill it but the song is still just Rose - 100% totally subjective and biased, but this is my favorite studio. Overdone song but it's both tasteful and epic. Ricky - Undoubtedly the best song choice IMO. Has a chance to really polevault into real contender-status Kat - Another really, really good song choice. Obviously she is not my favorite singer, but this could put a wrench in things imo. Hello Sunday - I don't think this is the type of song that will give them a moment they needed. Left me feeling meh Marybeth - :dead: after she was morphed into and branded as a pop singer since joining John, she's suddenly country again? I feel bad for her. TPTB have not been kind. Jake - Another great song choice for Jake. Does exactly what it needs to for him. Will - This is actually probably my favorite studio from him? It feels very on-brand. Energetic, uptempo. I don't know how it will play with the public though.
  4. The Voice's ig stories, and apparently, their TikTok
  5. Ricky and Will & Katie and Rose seem like confirmed duets. They’re just all singing the same song in the reveal, so that’s not a song any of them are actually singing for the duets I guess
  6. There’s a Kworb link embedded into an image on op which gives top 1500
  7. Rose sounds phenomenal. Really hope she can grab a PV with this
  8. Everyone just assumes Jake is on top because of streaming, country artist etc. Maybe Katie was massively far ahead and so they gave her this song to keep it competitive, who knows :shifty:
  9. If Ricky gets the Kyla treatment for Let it Be with a choir and all, I think he'll probably kill the performance and has a good chance to lock down a PV. I do agree that the orchestra is a bit too loud on the studio, but he really sounds great oh yeah btw add me :wave:
  10. Kat and Ricky's songs are REALLY good for them. At first, I was a bit about Rose's song choice, but after hearing it
  11. Oh yeah I saw that. Last week's performances were pretty good for viewership online. Rose's performance was the first performance since playoffs to hit 500k views on youtube and Katie had the first live performance to cross a million on FB. The results shows have also trended on twitter the past couple weeks, which is something
  12. IIRC, there is a precedent for two pimp spots in the lives, and Rose did perform last in the first live show, so I do think it's possible. Who knows though, realistically, they'll do what they feel like
  13. That's what I've been saying! Great minds and all :whistling: :shifty:
  14. There was a lot of talk about Carson not mentioning the most-streamed this week, but I'd like to point out that in the past couple seasons, it wasn't mentioned every single week either. Truthfully I think that it's being given way too much meaning on this forum. TPTB will do whatever they want regardless of one most-streamed mention.
  15. Nah it’s good to have receipts so I don’t mind Apparently there’s built in screenshot protection because it turned the screen black every time I tried to though, so I legit took a picture with my phone She said "I would have picked Blake man, but you are awesome." After a commercial break, they had all the coaches talking and John was joking about how it was the best block over, and after Gwen asked if they thought Blake would have gotten her, John said "Yeah, she literally told me she thought she would have chosen Blake" :teehee: It's still possible she would have morphed into a pop singer, but she didn't come on the show as pop, and John even said "You're my first country singer ever" during the blinds
  16. i cant find a link to an article about, so I went back to the episode and im gonna take screenshots with the captions on cuz thats the best i can come up with rn gimme a sec
  17. She legitimately said it to John after the blind as they walked to meet her family. It was shown during the episode
  18. All I'm asking is that Rose gets Hallelujah and the pimp spot. That's it! o:) Oh and Rose better not get HS for her duet. That too
  19. Wow. Imagine a world where MB was kept on team Blake and country-ish, Katie on Kelly, and Mendeleyev stayed for John. A possible Katie/MB/Rose/Mendeleyev final four
  20. As has been said, I think the most prediction-friendly is a Katie/Rose/Jake/Ricky final. It’s very tidy and represents each coach. With that in mind, I am also am kind of expecting at least one surprise.
  21. I remember us having a discussion about it at the time. From t11 to t10, Spensha had seen a minor jump from middling to upper middling, and then post blood-bath she had suddenly entered the top three in a number of metrics along with her duet with Kyla, who was leading social media that week. It suddenly seemed like a very real possibility she could snag a PV. That said, I really liked Spensha, so I was worried it was just optimism sneaking it. In retrospect, I think what happened was that Blake’s country supporters had grown weary of Pryor and Spensha felt like a more believable country singer than Keisha did. Kyla and Spensha were also clearly Blake’s two favorites. I remember him taking veiled swipes at Pryor after his performances by saying how he “loved” Pryor’s “screaming” (Screaming! ) Blake signaled hard for Spensha and I think it honestly worked.
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