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  1. Huh. I thought Katie was the only lock. If Rose was going to take someone's spot, I thought it had to be from Jake or Ricky
  2. I agree. I don't mind Blake, actually like some of his songs, but this is ridiculous
  3. I am coming into this prepared for absolutely whatever. Let's see what the devil has planned :devil:
  4. Rose’s performance has been trending on YouTube again.
  5. The final four should be Rose/Ricky/Katie/Jake, but it can’t be that easy, can it? :teehee:
  6. Will, HS, and MB get the PVs Hoot and Katie instantly eliminated. Ready for it.
  7. Shocking On the bright side, at least the response to her performance on facebook is very positive. MB and Kat each have a good amount of views but some of the comments are absolutely brutal. On the other hand, Rose leads the TVLine poll, is in an essential tie with Ricky for 1st on Twitter, and is doing well on YT views so far. But, I still think it's difficult for her to get a PV. Possible? Sure. But with the general popularity and goodwill Katie had built prior to this performance| Ricky having the best song, an emotional story attached, and a great performance| and Hoot getting Desperado AND the pimp spot, stealing one of those is tough. At the very least she had the performance to do it
  8. Ricky was great tonight. He deserves the finale without a doubt
  9. Rose will definitely hit the top 10, Katie could too. No one else will be close imo He didn't need the pimp spot. He was t200 before the show
  10. It's a really, really fantastic song choice combined with a really good performance. I remember Kyla getting so close to #1 with it
  11. Very early TVLine results Rose Short 37.07% Jake Hoot 22.13% Katie Kadan 13.79% Ricky Duran 10.92% Hello Sunday 9.2% Kat Hammock 2.59% Marybeth Byrd 2.3% Will Breman 2%
  12. Uh. Wow. So yeah, I'm a fan of Rose, but she absolutely blew the roof off of tonight. Solos: 1. Rose -- 2. Ricky -- 3. Katie 4. Jake -- -- -- 5. MB 6. Kat 7. HS 8. Will Duets: 1. Katie/Rose 2. Will/Ricky 3. Hoot/MB 4. HS/Kat
  13. Like. Ricky was great, everyone else was a bit disappointing, and then Rose did THAT.
  14. Rose wouldn't sing legit back to back, would she?
  15. Oh I really hope so. If both Ricky and Rose could get a PV, I'd be really pleased
  16. There's actually a way to both purchase a song and stream it but it's kind of convoluted.
  17. It's possible, but they didn't mention a duet specifically either
  18. Some good moments but her breath control was not there today
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