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  1. Given the songs, TPTB had to want a Hoot win, and they got it.
  2. Song choice is trash, like it was for everyone's covers, but Rose did what she could with it
  3. It must have been fixed soon after you posted this because I was able to go and start the purchasing process, but that would explain why there hasn't been a bump for him
  4. Jake gets the first bump of the night. His original is at #10 on itunes now
  5. Jake original - 10 Jake Cover - 151 Katie/John duet - 160 Kelly/Jake duet - 163 No movement from other performances yet.
  6. Honestly, Jake sounds MUCH better than his original here. Best duo so far for sure wait jake didn't hit that high note at all
  7. One of the reasons I liked her studio so much for her original was because of how it was arranged. Especially for the last third of the song. Rose is singing the chorus and just going off in the background as well. I was not ready for the additional voices in the live performance to be so soft
  8. I was wondering why this song sounds a little bit slower and toned down versus the studio, and then I realized it was because in the studio, it's ALL Rose. She does the backing vocals, every single chorus, and all the ad-libbing. In the live performance, they had really soft, higher pitch background vocalists and it kind of took me out of it They should have just used Rose's playback
  9. Because it's fun to freak out about things Realistically though, I think most people realize that it's like only 100 downloads to get t200 right now and so this charting doesn't mean all that much
  10. Can I complain about something really quick? Blake and Gwen's new song is actually decent and pretty sweet. And if they had released it like one week earlier, we could have had that as Blake's performance instead of that monstrosity with Trace Adkins (from which my ears have still not recovered)
  11. https://kworb.net/charts/itunes/us.html It's embedded in the image on op as well
  12. If they really wanted Rose to be second, they’d have given her different songs imo. Particularly, an emotional, maybe religious ballad for her cover. Though at least she doesn’t have Ricky and Katie’s cover songs :teehee:
  13. Say what you want about Kelly as a coach, but she genuinely loves and supports her contestants imo. And she’ll really look after them. John in particular seems to be more disinterested outside of the show
  14. I can’t believe I’m saying this but Katie might actually have my least favorite cover AND original
  15. I don’t like her cover song choice that much, but I love her original
  16. Ricky sounds good on his original. It’s honestly probably gonna chart just behind hoot again
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