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  1. Doesn't exactly have a singer-songwriter feel when you have overproduced mini videos with a ridiculous filter placed on top
  2. This guy has such a great voice. Definitely voting for him next week, hope he can pull it out
  3. Want: Toneisha Expect: Todd However, I'm guessing TPTB do everything in their power to push TStorm over the edge, so gonna go with: 1. TStorm 2. Todd 3. Toneisha 4. Micah 5. Cammwess The T's will rule this finale
  4. I only partially joke because of Rose last season. But honestly, there are a number of songs that could pretty much guarantee a top 3 finish, and some songs that would guarantee a bottom 2 finish. TM responded very well to this last week's performance, but not at all to the previous week's song. (I'm almost certain she was top 3-4 votes today, but the rules are what they are).
  5. Depends on the song choice. If she gets God’s Country she can be top 3
  6. Alright Toneisha. Go get your top 3 finish now that this awful format is over with.
  7. Mother's day song? Meghan Trainor's Mom got up to like #3 or 4
  8. !!! Toneisha had the best performance of the night, and it was actually well received from team minivan, and she's gonna get bamboozled by these rules
  9. Wait, is there a coach quota for the finale?
  10. This might be the least of a season I've ever watched. I'm aware of exactly two people still in the competition. It will be fun to experience this having no clue who anyone is : )
  11. I haven't seen a single episode all season! Who do I vote for?
  12. Both of those were great! I legit thought "the Todds" were a duo at first
  13. I just got here and I haven't seen a single blind audition for the entire season Who are some good contestants/auditions so far?
  14. Brynn's Christmas cover is really, really pretty. She's one of two Voice winners that I still listen to post-show, and I'm happy to see that she's doing pretty well. Nearly 500k monthly spotify listeners is very impressive, even buoyed by HYAMLC.
  15. Kelly's show is the first talkshow in a while to feel both unique and genuine. It probably helps to have a world-class singer opening the show with covers (She also cries a lot )
  16. It's possible Brynn was always going to win, but I wouldn't be so sure. I wish the voice released vote numbers because it definitely would be interesting to look back on. It's definitely true that Kyla didn't have the fanbase that Brynn, or even Britton had. It's one of the reasons I think the bussing was so successful (dropping her even into third). She was so dependent on casual voters that such a terrible set absolutely crippled her. What was that one site that made the aggregate social media graphs for voice contestants? Kyla had the best bar for both T10 and T8 weeks (though Brynn never was out of the top 3) before plummeting to not even being in contention for second iirc. I honestly don't think having a dedicated/vocal fanbase can win you the show. It might prevent you from being eliminated, but such a large majority of votes are casual votes that you really have to win over that audience, and Kyla had been given the songs to do so. I think you and I were in the same boat after T8 week that we really thought Kyla had a good chance to win (I think you said you were ready to crown her ) and honestly I did think it was there for her. But after the finale performances, I was 100% expecting her to get fourth. And to answer your question, I don't think they were trying to bus Brynn at all. The song was definitely boring, but it wasn't *bad* by any means. WTWNNIL isn't a song that would ever be received poorly by the general audience, and to that point I think it was received pretty well. It got #5 on itunes then right? And I definitely don't think opening the show is a bus position. Kyla had opened the T10 week with This is Me. It honestly felt kind of like a coast into the finale. No pimp, but definitely no bus. But to be fair, all of this is really moot. It's just theory. We can't know without insight on the actual votes. We have no clue how many votes these artists really get, and if streaming is really a meaningful proportion of those votes at all. Just speculation
  17. I'm sure this has already been discussed in this thread (but I don't really want to read through all 6 pages ), but the opportunity was there with Kyla Jade. She probably had received the most votes in T10 and T8 weeks, but TPTB's priorities were clearly different. I truthfully think the only way a black woman can win this show now is by taking a route very similar to Kyla's (pre-finale, obviously). Big, emotional ballads or songs (see "Let it Be"), bonus if it can have religious ties and a choir, that won't sound "screamy." I joke about giving them Hallelujah and a choir, but that's (sadly) honestly probably what it will take now. Kyla was there. She had the momentum and goodwill from her last two performances. I t was almost like TPTB really wanted Kyla (and Spensha too) in the finale to help with the diversity talk, but suddenly realized they might have done too much, so they put the Kyla train in reverse and ran her over with it repeatedly
  18. I'm happy that this is the finale we got, in that I'm happy with this final four. With that said, it would have been nice if some of those song choices were less tragic
  19. That's definitely true, but I think hoot had the best overall set for sure.
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