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  1. Yeah, right now the closest thing to the wikdcard is the coach’s save for one of their bottom 4 in the first round of lives.
  2. Well, I've become incredibly invested in Wendy which probably means she's going to be totally bamboozled during the lives but that's fine
  3. I wonder if Toneisha was running second in votes the whole time. Why couldn't they have just given Todd Sudds in the Bucket
  4. Enough for some very obnoxious multi-cam celebration and thats it
  5. Honestly wouldn't be surprised if Toneisha was second but I feel like they probably just did it for time
  6. GJ Toneisha snatching that T3. Deserved. I actually think these three are def the best three of the top 5 anyway
  7. Movement: Toneisha #13 Cammwess #27 Micah #55 Toneisha might get into the T10
  8. Todd - 2 Toneisha - 15 Tstorm - 19 Camm - 39 Micah - 58
  9. I think TStorm still has a chance. His cover was much better than his original. Todd had a much better original than cover, so that translates to this type of iTunes result
  10. Todd #2 Toneisha #24 TStorm #28 Camm #52 Micah #71 (Duets not included)
  11. Here we go! Excited to see what the covers are. Was pretty impressed by all of the originals
  12. Toneisha's original is gorgeous. Love it.
  13. It's a bit funny that Toneisha's original is over a minute longer than Micah's
  14. TStorm and nick are at least charting at 1200 now
  15. Okay! Listened to all of the originals: I liked them all! Toneisha: Slow pop ballad, with a really tasteful build. Liked it quite a bit, it was great. Thunderstorm: Fits his voice incredibly well. And his voice is stunning. I do wish the chorus was something other than "Oh Sedona" repeated like 5x though Micah: This is probably my personal favorite! Liked the song a lot, though it's probably not the best vote-getter of the bunch. Cammwess: Least favorite of the bunch, and probably the worst one for the competition. I still liked it fine though! It's not terrible or anything Todd: This was really good too. I like Todd's voice, and a emotional, country-ish ballad was the perfect song for him.
  16. Kinda glad about this. Coach duets are generally awful
  17. If only Kyla would be so lucky for the song to be a hit . They'd never use a song that was actually recognizable because it would create real controversy. But the song was way too awful to ever be more than an unreleased torture device to be thrust on some poor unsuspecting vocal contestant
  18. Since there has been some discussion on this, I'll add a few things. I'll try to separate out my points for clarity. So, first: The entire concept of the "bus" relies on an assumption of competence with TPTB. Or more, that they're not incompetent. I think this has to be valid. TPTB know what they're doing. They know what they want and the best ways to get there. It doesn't always work out but they aren't idiots. They know their audience (probably even better than we do), how a song will be received, and what the implications are. Kyla was hit by the bus. Hard. I remember seeing/hearing her songs and instantly realizing she had 0% chance of winning. IIRC she also performed both of her solos in the first half of the show. Even IF it wasn't intentional, based on pure negligence, the songs she was given made it certain she couldn't win. I don't think Brynn being given a "boring" (not bad though!) song in bloodbath in the first position is a sign she had an insurmountable lead either. For one, it's clear that going first is not the "death spot" anyway (Kyla went first t10). Instead, I think Brynn just had a high floor with the largest devoted fanbase. I think she was always getting 1st or 2nd in the finale because of this. Kyla relied almost entirely on casual votes. And yeah, of course when an artist gets bamboozled, their fans aren't pleased. But there's a difference between resenting the treatment and just being unhappy with the results. Whatever happened with Kyla doesn't take away from Brynn's win. But it still feels awful that Kyla wasn't even provided the opportunity to have good performances (or at least good studios ).
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