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  1. I wonder if Toneisha was running second in votes the whole time. Why couldn't they have just given Todd Sudds in the Bucket
  2. Enough for some very obnoxious multi-cam celebration and thats it
  3. Honestly wouldn't be surprised if Toneisha was second but I feel like they probably just did it for time
  4. GJ Toneisha snatching that T3. Deserved. I actually think these three are def the best three of the top 5 anyway
  5. Movement: Toneisha #13 Cammwess #27 Micah #55 Toneisha might get into the T10
  6. Todd - 2 Toneisha - 15 Tstorm - 19 Camm - 39 Micah - 58
  7. I think TStorm still has a chance. His cover was much better than his original. Todd had a much better original than cover, so that translates to this type of iTunes result
  8. Todd #2 Toneisha #24 TStorm #28 Camm #52 Micah #71 (Duets not included)
  9. Here we go! Excited to see what the covers are. Was pretty impressed by all of the originals
  10. Toneisha's original is gorgeous. Love it.
  11. It's a bit funny that Toneisha's original is over a minute longer than Micah's
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