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  1. It’s pretty obvious to me that John is closing
  2. If Toneisha was 2nd, it’s ridiculous that they didn’t announce it, as she would have been THE BEST PLACEMENT OF AN AFRICAN AMERICAN FEMALE IN EIGHTEEN SEASONS OF THE VOICE.
  3. Good luck, boy! Rooting for you
  4. I want Thunderstorm to win, but I think the way this finale is set up makes Todd the favorite by far
  5. high falsetto isn’t that uncommon. The second time she attempted was passable, but the first one was painful. Gimmicky performance
  6. That’s not even whistle register lol Toneisha, you keep disappointing
  7. I don’t want to fight. I was one of the original Danny Gokey haters on Vote for the Worst so you may have an idea where I come from Allegra wasn’t that bad
  8. We could very well be getting three performances by trios of contestants instead of guests. It would be totally doable. Also I doubt they can pull off a watchable two hour finale
  9. They’re editing every performance so much that they all look lipsynched
  10. Not that I’m a Thunderstorm fan, but I would rather have him as the winner than singing-from-church Todd this girl is so bad
  11. This is the most boring The Voice episode I’ve ever seen. Everything about it is putting me to sleep. These song choices... Jesus
  12. We don’t have any of them getting exposed in the lives since the performances remain edited and ultimately they are like videos from these singers’ Youtube channels
  13. Britton’s new single CROSS MY MIND is available on all platforms. Support it!
  14. Think about this. Jennifer Hudson is hated by the typical viewer of this show. Kelly Clarkson is their sweetheart. They are basically the same person, doing the same “yesssss!” histrionic routine, screaming and jumping and throwing shoes — they are both too much to the point of verging on fakeness (I love Jennifer and love Kelly the singer, don’t hate on me!). Why do they get a different reaction? Think about this and stop lying to yourselves.
  15. But here’s the deal, I don’t think they have been as stuck in a box as you’re saying. If you take Rose for instance, I don’t think anyone can argue that her journey on the show has been that of a typical black diva. If you look at the songs Katie’s sung, those have been extremely more obvious, and she might win tonight. She gets a pass for doing I’m Going Down, Baby I Love You, Without You, Adele, Gaga, the Aerosmith/Dianne Warren ballad. Rose went out of her not to be stuck in that box. Kennedy is pretty much the same thing. She did country, she did This Is Me which was a huge hit at the time
  16. You never see white singers lifting a finger to appeal to black audiences. If Jake wins tonight, tell me one time he made an effort to appeal to a black audience. And yet if black female singers want to win, they have to pander to a white audience. Be less of themselves. There is a name to this.
  17. Absolutely, however, given the status quo, I believe having some investment in getting a black female to win is totally justified
  18. There is very little difference between the two factors. Identity is key to this clusterfreak
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