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  1. It’s pretty obvious to me that John is closing
  2. If Toneisha was 2nd, it’s ridiculous that they didn’t announce it, as she would have been THE BEST PLACEMENT OF AN AFRICAN AMERICAN FEMALE IN EIGHTEEN SEASONS OF THE VOICE.
  3. Good luck, boy! Rooting for you
  4. I want Thunderstorm to win, but I think the way this finale is set up makes Todd the favorite by far
  5. high falsetto isn’t that uncommon. The second time she attempted was passable, but the first one was painful. Gimmicky performance
  6. That’s not even whistle register lol Toneisha, you keep disappointing
  7. I don’t want to fight. I was one of the original Danny Gokey haters on Vote for the Worst so you may have an idea where I come from Allegra wasn’t that bad
  8. We could very well be getting three performances by trios of contestants instead of guests. It would be totally doable. Also I doubt they can pull off a watchable two hour finale
  9. They’re editing every performance so much that they all look lipsynched
  10. Not that I’m a Thunderstorm fan, but I would rather have him as the winner than singing-from-church Todd this girl is so bad
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