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  1. Loud and obnoxious? - ohhhhkay . I must be the odd one out; I actually liked JHud. I’m a country fan but I was not impressed with the last 2 country winners, Jake and Chevel, as unpopular as that viewpoint may be. I’m rooting for Todd and Toneisha BTW.
  2. I never understood the JHud hate. What was the problem anyway? FYI I’m part of the Minivan demo FWIW.
  3. In no particular order: Todd Michael Hall - Juke Box Hero Michael Lee - The Thrill Is Gone Beth Griffith-Manley - Till You Come Back to Me Cory Jackson - Galveston Kennedy Holmes - Turning Tables Chloe Kohanski - The Chain We’ McDonald - Feeling Good
  4. I live in the US; is there a way to watch full episodes of The Voice Australia? Last season I had to make do with snippets I found on YouTube.
  5. I’ve been watching Idol this evening. I’m sure people will disagree but I like the way the way the contestants have been staged and how Ryan has kept the show moving (20 acts in 2 hours - wow). Be interesting to see how the Voice pulls it off. Just my 2 cents ...
  6. She had quite a bit of material on iTunes pre-Voice. Hope to hear even more after the season :flowers:
  7. PV 1: Rose PV 2: Katie PV 3: Jake IS: Ricky
  8. I’m a country music fan and a self-admitted Blake fan girl but my vote goes to Katie. Period.
  9. Definitely stream! Katie’s performing “Lady Marmalade” tonight. Just listened to the studio recording
  10. 1. Rose 2. Katie 3. Ricky 4. Jake 5. Marybeth 6. Hello Sunday 7. Kat 8. Joana 9. Will 10. Shane
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