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  1. Loud and obnoxious? - ohhhhkay . I must be the odd one out; I actually liked JHud. I’m a country fan but I was not impressed with the last 2 country winners, Jake and Chevel, as unpopular as that viewpoint may be. I’m rooting for Todd and Toneisha BTW.
  2. I never understood the JHud hate. What was the problem anyway? FYI I’m part of the Minivan demo FWIW.
  3. In no particular order: Todd Michael Hall - Juke Box Hero Michael Lee - The Thrill Is Gone Beth Griffith-Manley - Till You Come Back to Me Cory Jackson - Galveston Kennedy Holmes - Turning Tables Chloe Kohanski - The Chain We’ McDonald - Feeling Good
  4. I live in the US; is there a way to watch full episodes of The Voice Australia? Last season I had to make do with snippets I found on YouTube.
  5. I’ve been watching Idol this evening. I’m sure people will disagree but I like the way the way the contestants have been staged and how Ryan has kept the show moving (20 acts in 2 hours - wow). Be interesting to see how the Voice pulls it off. Just my 2 cents ...
  6. She had quite a bit of material on iTunes pre-Voice. Hope to hear even more after the season :flowers:
  7. PV 1: Rose PV 2: Katie PV 3: Jake IS: Ricky
  8. I’m a country music fan and a self-admitted Blake fan girl but my vote goes to Katie. Period.
  9. Definitely stream! Katie’s performing “Lady Marmalade” tonight. Just listened to the studio recording
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