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  1. Not to mention that Peedy and Jeremy are also on, so you have the fan threads for 5 out of 9 artists advancing.
  2. I think the no chair contestants are honestly better off auditioning the next season than going through a comeback stage. We’ve had some great contestants result from this (MaKenzie Thomas, Corey Ward and Bryan Bautista, etc). If a contestant couldn’t pass the Blind Audition stage once, why would they be ready for the Lives? Didn't help that they had very little momentum compared to everyone else in Lives.
  3. I’m guessing it has to do with many contestants getting eliminated with a Bieber song when it didn’t suit them. For this battle, I’m guessing they made it their own. The battle did result in 2 steals so it must have went well
  4. Had nobody pointed out that The Joy Reunion is singing Joy to the World? The group name song has struck again
  5. My Top 6 is the actual Top 6! (though not in the exact order). Not much of a surprise, but well deserved
  6. I’m excited that Samuel will be battling this week. He is my favorite artist on Team John right now
  7. Yeah, I get how that can be a disappointment on paper but I am sure they will do well with it, seeing how the battle has a double steal.
  8. Hopefully they fix that awful format and allow internationals to watch their videos.
  9. Arianators’ reactions to Vaughn getting eliminated in a couple days will be very entertaining
  10. I am excited that Bella’s battle is airing soon, since she had my favorite audition from Team Ariana.
  11. Girl Named Tom is the only Four Chair Turn whose battle is in the premiere (though IDF’s 2 favorite three chair turns are both on the premiere)
  12. I have a feeling that there will be montages on both Monday and Tuesday of Week 2 with 2 pairings each. And there will probably be a montage coming up in Episode 2. We will probably get montages with 2 battles this season, like with the auditions. Maybe they’ll show a little bit more for each of them
  13. I actually did find his Home performance funny because of the irony for an Instant Save song
  14. Girl Named Tom’s audition made another Best of the Voice compilation, this is the third one already. Great weekend for them considering their battle was leaked
  15. This is the second season in a row where an alternative rock guy sings Lose You to Love Me. Though I’m pretty sure these versions will be different
  16. Here is the source feedback for Ryleigh vs David (Go to page 335). Looks like both were positively received. This definitely seems to be another season where all 4 Knockout steals are deserved
  17. Well, they were definitely better than the last few seasons There were a lot of Blind Auditions I really liked, and there weren’t many chair turn auditions that I didn’t like. It’s similar to 16 and 17 where there were so many Blind Auditions I enjoyed. Because the positives were much bigger than the negatives, I’ll give it an A.
  18. Some IDFers watched Corey’s Knockout live and they liked it, so I went in expecting his Knockout to be good and he didn’t disappoint
  19. I’m thinking Jeremy vs Jershika will close the battles premiere. Not too many battles from a coach, a steal and both make Lives. It’s also a prerequisite for the Wendy vs Manny battle. Raquel vs Hailey is probably either Tuesday or second Monday
  20. They didn’t mention anything about their backstory yet, but maybe they will get their backstory soon
  21. Also keep in mind that GNT’s songs have Minivan appeal in a season where there aren’t many contestants in the genre. At this point, I’m thinking they will at least be in the Semis
  22. Thanks to the battle leak, this became the hottest thread today
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