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  1. Some of his grades were definitely too low, but I am happy about Girl Named Tom getting the highest of the night
  2. 1. Girl Named Tom vs Kinsey Rose 2. Katie Rae vs Bella DeNapoli 3. Jeremy Rosado vs Jershika Maple 4. Samuel Harness vs KJ Jennings 5. David Vogel vs Chavon Rodgers 6. Peedy Chavis vs The Joy Reunion Do I even need to say who my favorite winner is?
  3. That was my guess. I just don’t like that they did a battle cliffhanger
  4. It was definitely accidental. Of course people are going to overreact to it on social media
  5. Another cliffhanger… why? (Especially with the battle steal)
  6. Only two repeated songs. This doesn’t happen much
  7. Really good battle. I’m surprised with how good this episode has been. Battle episodes are never this good
  8. Do you want to spill the full details on what happened with Chavon or was the hug what happened?
  9. If this was an option in her battle, it may have also happened there. She did get the maximum steals and saves in battles and knockouts
  10. I think the reason why the source mixed up the result was because they could identify Bella and not Katie, so they probably assumed she won because they remembered her better
  11. I love Samuel but I’m a bit surprised with KJ here. I thought she was better than her Blind
  12. I do understand how it is possible to mix up a winner and a save compared to other results, since they both move on.
  13. Please tell me Bella indeed wins her Knockout. I was not expecting that result
  14. I think they are allowed to tell family and close friends, but that’s it.
  15. From what I remember, even Carson pointed out the irony of his song choice
  16. 1. David Vogel 2. Hailey Green 3. Carolina Alonso 4. Manny Keith 5. KCK3 I’d want to see more of Xavier
  17. Based on how many chairs I would give them Four chairs for them 1. Samuel Harness 2. Bella DeNapoli Three was appropriate 3. Keliah Grace Two chairs for them 4. Raquel Trinidad 5. Vaughn Mugol One or two chairs for her 6. Katie Rae One chair turn 7. Sophia Bromberg There were much better auditions that got two than some of these
  18. Some of these equations make sense on paper, but some of them didn’t because artists did flipped versions of some of these songs (Fall Out Boy makes sense for David given his version of that song). GNT vs Kinsey and Brittany vs Samara make the most sense on paper. Maybe Peedy and TJR, but I don’t know that artist.
  19. Paris is actually the second Blake Knockout steal to sing that song in Knockouts (First being Natasia Greycloud)
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