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  1. When I started watching the show, Adam was definitely one of my favorite coaches. This was when the Blake banter was still fresh, and when Adam would always have good teams, and he used to have so many of my favorites. I thought he was great in the “classic” seasons. Around S10, he began to decline, but when Kelly joined, he declined even more, and the audience had turned against him by his last season (we all know why). He was great for a while, but I think he was ready to leave at the end
  2. That was the problem with the performance, that it was overshadowed by Shalyah’s, both because it was a very powerful performance and it was her breakout moment on the show. Emily’s performance was good and deserving of a playoff spot but I remember preferring Shalyah by a decent margin. There were clearly worse people in the T12 than her, which explains why her first boot could have been controversial (she was definitely better than Nick Hagelin)
  3. Katie was making the finale regardless. Also because John just won his season so there was no need to pimp John specifically that season.
  4. She didn’t deserve to lose in the comeback stage to a guy that didn’t turn a chair
  5. I definitely remember more people in this thread thinking Hailey would win and TCS would lose. And I do remember people expecting a Kinsey steal. Some of the other teams had more surprising results (such as Jim and Sasha advancing on Team Ari, and Carson getting eliminated) I don’t think anyone expected Paris to lose, but we knew barely anything about Team John
  6. You’re not wrong though. She also happened to be on a stacked team within that season
  7. Yes I remember. Probably because of the potential pairings, and how loaded Team Kelly looked. And I believe Jeremy/GNT/Hailey/Gymani were the predicted KO winners
  8. Another contestant that suffered from being on a stacked team (Miley’s original S13 team was so good). I can’t say that she had any bad performances, she just had tough competition
  9. Wendy and Holly will both look like shoo-ins for the T12 from the audition round. I wonder how much the coaches will praise them. Honestly, I don’t think anyone thought they were getting eliminated before the Lives
  10. Is she going to be the Jordan of the season? (The least enthusiastic artist)
  11. Now I’m wondering what @sydneysam’s artist collages will look like
  12. I forgot about that! She did look like her
  13. Most duos/groups that appeared on the show have been either siblings, parent/child or a couple. Hello Sunday and Midas Whale are the only exceptions I can think of at the moment
  14. I love Season 5 so much! Glad to see another artist from that season represented. Definitely my favorite Top 12 in 20 seasons
  15. Throwback of the week- Jacquie Lee
  16. Maybe she will make the Finals
  17. It will be easier to figure out when the show airs. And we’ll see who gets bussed in playoffs
  18. I think only Maelyn was in the first look but they also had promos that featured Cam and Chris
  19. Another reason why Channel 7 doesn’t deserve the show
  20. Ari getting no 4 chair turns would make the Ari stans even angrier
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