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  1. Yes! Well deserved save! And IDF gets an A+ for predictions
  2. Gymani. She has the best body of work and gave the best save performance
  3. I think the last time I didn’t want a Kelly artist to win a save was S19 Playoffs
  4. I don’t think Kelly ever imagined bringing this many people to the Top 13
  5. Paris is safe, which I’m happy about Lana could be in the bottom though, and one of Kelly’s artists is definitely there
  6. Joshua is safe, as deserved
  7. Joshua is safe. I was a bit nervous but glad that performance worked out for him
  8. Wendy and Hailey safe, also no surprise They got most of the obvious ones out of the way at this point
  9. After reading another thread, I think finale would be possible, but I don’t think she would be favored as much
  10. Bekah is probably the closest to sounding like Maelyn but all sound different enough
  11. Usually the coach saves that make it far are on stacked playoff teams (where nobody on that team is expected to get eliminated early). In Spensha and Emily Ann’s cases, both other PV’s made it to the Semis Instant Save. Other notable examples include The Swon Brothers and Chris Jamison, both 3rd placers. The Swon Bros had a winner and 6th placer, and Chris was on the only team with Top 12/13 quotas where all three members made the finale. The notable exception was Koryn, but nobody expected Mia to get eliminated early, and the winner was on that team
  12. That was probably my second favorite performance of them (behind Wichita Lineman of course). And they separated themselves from other acts as my favorite right now, and they would be a great choice to win this season
  13. Season 15 lives were definitely rough for IDF Nobody expected him to get in the finale over MaKenzie and then place higher than Kennedy
  14. Usher, Shakira and Pharrell lost an artist in the first week of Lives every season they were on Gwen also ended in the Bottom every season but won saves 3/4 times
  15. Even if he did land in the bottom, I could see him getting an Instant Save. And he’s my biggest priority out of the people that could be in danger
  16. I’m hoping Joshua advances because of how good he was this week, as well as the past few rounds.
  17. Their videos were also uploaded much later than the others, which helps explain why they’re lagging behind here. Also, Gymani has now passed Shadale in reacts
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