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  1. I’m thinking one of Ari’s girls (probably Bella (3 chair) or Katherine (promo)) and then David (since the premiere will be Ari focused and this is the most Ari focused audition). But at least one of the people that picks her will be on her team in Lives.
  2. Flashback to S9 when they closed an episode that had 3 four chair turns with a 2 chair audition only because of that marriage proposal
  3. Yeah. I agree with some (but not all) of the others, but I know some people agree with each of them.
  4. Absolutely. Davon would have probably gotten eliminated in Top 10 if Moriah went, due to his decline in Lives, and Miley got karma because she only got 1 Semifinalist (even though I was sad about Janice’s elimination)
  5. He had my favorite audition besides Thunderstorm that season and seemed like he would be one of my favorites, but I thought he deserved to lose his Knockout
  6. Especially with how weak his original team was. She would have done better than Adam C and Jon (and she was an experienced live performer already)
  7. Don’t forget Justin Kilgore, the first 4 chair block (and first closing block)
  8. Moriah would have done better with Adam or Blake (Miley had a clear T3 from the beginning and she wasn’t able to jump ship). Everyone but Miley (including Miley’s mother) wanted Moriah in the Top 12 that season
  9. Alexa would have also made sense as a Knockout partner for Britton. And we would have gotten a Billy Joel/Elton John Knockout as a result
  10. One Night Only. One of the greatest vocal performances from that era, and the greatest solo performance in Season 14. Since the season didn’t have many great performances, this performance was very refreshing (Especially after an abysmal playoff round the previous week).
  11. Paris’s Instagram is private and he has no YouTube channel. Has anyone here heard what he sounds like?
  12. That’s why I didn’t list him (and also TMH) In Celia’s battle, I preferred Karly
  13. S20- Jose Figueroa Jr is the closest (most artists improved) S19- Kelsie Watts, maybe Tanner Gomes S18- Mike Jerel S17- Shane Q S16- Celia Babini, Selkii S15- Katrina Cain S14- Justin Kilgore, Terrence Cunningham S13- Ashland Craft, Anthony Alexander
  14. Every season, there are a few contestants who give great blinds but their later performances are disappointing. There have been contestants who had runs I did not enjoy but couldn’t list under weakest 4 chair turns because I liked their auditions You can phrase this as what contestants did you like their blinds but nothing else (Including Knockouts) or in a positive light, such as contestants you didn’t enjoy but you enjoyed their blind And you don’t have to limit this to 4 chair auditions. If there was a 3 chair or 2 chair audition you liked but you didn’t like any of their later performances, feel free to list.
  15. This is basically like the weakest 4 chair thread, except some seasons would have no artists in this category. I feel like a lot of my answers would be the same
  16. They already went against GNT so it’s already been proven to not happen anyway There seems to be barely any country this season in general, and a lot more pop and R&B than usual
  17. Right. Either way Kinsey’s best shot of advancing to the playoffs is getting stolen. Jeremy will probably win the KO if they are paired (Kelly will probably advance a solo male to Lives and it’s probably him, especially seeing how the battle went)
  18. This A couple steals will also be Knockout fodder (I’m thinking Manny Keith is one of them)
  19. S18- CammWess S19- Sid Kingsley S20- probably Andrew? (It was between Andrew and Avery but Andrew had the better performance)
  20. I’ll be shocked if Kinsey wins her Knockout, given that she was Kelly’s save. Her best chance to make Lives is a steal at this point. If Jeremy lost his Knockout to anyone, I’m thinking it would be Gymani. GNT could also be paired against Kinsey because they are the closest to country.
  21. The unidentified male rocker on Team Blake (who is still unidentified) won his battle, since he can only fit the TBA winner
  22. Looks like a good day for IDF. A few liked artists went down, but most of the favorites won their battles (and a few got stolen). And a lot of threats to favorites are out
  23. The three battles that were probably the most even in Season 16. All I can say is that they all deserved steals (and Trey would have been a much better steal than Jimmy). The winners seemed to be the best long-term options at the time (and the battles aired back before the season got messy).
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