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  1. The show gets worse in some way when she’s not there
  2. I feel that at least one of Gymani and Holly will be leaked at some point this season because this is usually the case with a snippet (even if they’re not in the premiere) Other past leaks- Zae, Tamara, Toneisha, Sandy, Kennedy, JChosen, We I don’t remember a few from earlier seasons though
  3. TVAU is having people vote for the winner, meaning the winner hasn’t all ready been chosen. They probably filmed the four outcomes like last year
  4. Maelyn could always join for part of the tour, so that would make sense
  5. Yep. It would make sense for his winner to sing with him. But John might worry that she’s too good
  6. John’s block could fall under the premiere or a later episode depending on who it is. I looked and 6 out of 8 artists on John’s Knockout team do not have confirmed chair turn amounts (Samuel, Paris, Shadale, Joshua, Sabrina, Samara). Jim and Sasha could be a failed block as well, since nobody would expect them to pick Ari. I also think it would be smart to separate Holly and Wendy, since those could be the 2 biggest auditions this season, as well as potentially the only blocks with four chairs, unless John’s also turns four chairs.
  7. It’s been a while since TVAU had finale originals But it seems like the US version where most originals aren’t very good
  8. Maybe Holly, Bella and Raquel will benefit as well. Let’s see what types of titles and thumbnails these auditions will generate
  9. Now I wonder how many views some of the Ari themed auditions this season will get
  10. It has over 800K. None of the other First Look videos have over 400K
  11. On a side note, I hope they don’t overstack the premiere like with S20 or understack it like S13 and S18. I want to have some auditions to enjoy but I also want to save good auditions for some later episodes. Seasons such as S16 and S17 did a good job with this, as there were plenty of good auditions in the premieres, along with the standouts. I’m feeling optimistic that this premiere will be good though
  12. Hopefully Channel 7 makes some significant changes next season, such as giving the artists more performances. It’s impossible to get to know the artists with this few performances, and hopefully with less brutal cuts the artists that make it less far get more performances and airtime
  13. I wonder what he will pick for Thunderstorm.
  14. It’s good to see John inviting his past contestants up. Now he needs to go on tour with Maelyn
  15. It would make for great TV and an excellent twist if it were leaked. I think it would be a good idea for the storyline to show Ari struggling to win artists and then show her getting a 3 chair in the end (maybe Bella)
  16. I think Holly will be there (Both promotion and Ari using her block) and maybe Gymani as well because of her song choice (Gymani could very well open the show) Bella will likely be there because they will want to show Ari getting a 3 chair turn (possibly as the closer). Paris has been featured a lot in promos so I’m guessing he will be there Vaughn might also be there because of his backstory We’ll have at least 2 Four Chair Turns in the premiere for sure and at least 1 block
  17. Seasons 10 and 13 (10 benefits over 20 because it is longer) Rankings Spring 1. Season 10 2. Season 20 3. Season 12 4. Season 18 5. Season 16 6. Season 14 Fall 1. Season 13 2. Season 17 3. Season 19 4. Season 15 5. Season 11
  18. You basically need to have a personality in order to coach in Australia, with how dramatic it is
  19. That’s difficult, as both of those performances were well liked here. I would say that her Knockout was at a similar level to her Blind Audition, which was definitely in my Top 6 that season
  20. He was really good with Aydan, and even had him fly off a platform during what was my favorite performance from him Joe was also more interesting than his brother, as he never seemed boring
  21. Performances that are so bad they’re good or so bad they’re entertaining Lucas Holiday’s The Beautiful Ones- It was one of the few performances that made me laugh. It was very entertaining, especially at the end when he started screaming into the mic
  22. Imagine if Twitter saves were still a thing. She’d have a track record like Adam in his first six seasons
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