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  1. Wow, they actually showed the chairs and coaches in the first preview. This rarely happens. We usually get about 5 audition snippets, and there is sometimes one contestant that they always show in previews (They showed Adam Ludewig’s audition in so many promos and told us he was the first 4 chair turn). Chair order- Keith, Rita, Jessica, Guy Guy and Keith switched chairs from their last respective seasons, but the Australian version moves around the coaches’ chairs frequently. It’s not like the US where Blake has never moved and Adam stayed put his entire run.
  2. Agreed. I was very surprised with my rankings because my predicted T3 ended up being my personal B3 that night. The night of playoffs, I thought it was just me that didn’t think Kyndal’s performance was that great, but the reception was much more negative than I expected, to where she didn’t even fight for WC My PO rankings 1. Joana 2. Myracle 3. Rose 4. Kyndal 5. Jake
  3. Voted. There was a certain contestant who made me wish they actually sang their song on the show because it was excellent (and it’s clear that their fan knows their catalog well)
  4. Bryan and Malik both brought something different to the table here. Bryan showed off more range and falsetto, and Malik showed more runs. I watched this battle within the last couple days and I can’t tell you who I would pick. Bryan was clearly the better long-term option though. I’ve already mentioned that this was one of the best battles I have seen on the show, as most battles don’t blow me away as much as this one
  5. To be fair, that was Rose’s weakest performance, but yeah, Kyndal didn’t have as much competition as expected in the polls. The underdogs shined on that team that night. IDF was so convinced during Knockouts that Kyndal would be Gwen’s finalist. The same thing also happened with Abby Cates, and both eliminations generated meltdowns on here because they got eliminated over underdog females who honestly gave better performances that night (yes, the T3 on both teams were still all female).
  6. Yeah, Darious was better than round. As for Shane Q, I liked his blind when I first saw it, but I always liked Mike’s better. I thought that Shane showed potential in his blind, but he never lived up to it, and wasn’t the powerhouse contestant I expected (I was actually reminded of Jordan in his audition, but I never got that feeling again). Because of not meeting the potential, Shane’s audition hasn’t held up as well, and other auditions that season grew on me, though I still think it is good. I was expecting Mike to be the Shawn Sounds of the season and was hoping he would last a while, as he was one of my early favorites, but I had no idea he would decline so quickly.
  7. Nobody expected him to save Zan. Everyone expected Mike or Mandi to get it, but luckily Zan got saved (I think Zan and CammWess was the T2 IDF wanted that round)
  8. Hopefully this is a sign that we are getting some really good performances in auditions
  9. In IDF’s Top 16 power rankings, he was last overall and last on so many rankings
  10. He had one of the fastest declines from someone with a great audition. I think that he only survived Knockouts because of his audition. There were no spoilers on whether or not he survived Knockouts, so I expected him to get eliminated once I saw him get criticism from multiple coaches and Darious got more praise
  11. Thanks so much Can you add me in honor of our birthday?
  12. Happy 21st birthday Cami! It took me a while to find a contestant that shares my birthday, and I’m glad that it was Cami, one of my favorite recent contestants. And I’m only slightly older than her.
  13. Alisan Porter- Somewhere HM- Chris Blue- Rhythm Nation I can’t believe Emily Ann Roberts’ Burning House is not included. I wasn’t a huge fan of her in S9 but I loved that performance
  14. I have never tried to choose between the two. Trevin had a much better audition, but Amanda really stepped it up in the battle, and I thought that both killed it. This is the first battle I watched and was amazed by. One of my T5 battles in the history of the show
  15. I can’t see anyone doing well with that song, and I especially wouldn’t want Cami to have to perform it on her birthday
  16. Cam’s Stand Up is the best, followed by Maelyn’s Hallelujah and Rose’s Border Song and then Jim’s performance. I considered all of these the best of their respective finales. For S16, I actually thought Dexter’s Anything Goes was the second best performance, as I thought it was one of Dexter’s best performances and he was my choice for runner up out of the finalists. If S18 was represented, I would probably go with Thunderstorm’s cover, but if not, I would choose one of Todd’s performances.
  17. I found this to be one of the weakest seasons for Blinds, but Thunderstorm’s is very memorable to me, as well as Mike’s
  18. Bryan vs Malik. One of the most memorable battles many seasons later, and one of the only ones I would willingly replay
  19. She’d probably be more likely to replace Kelly (who isn’t leaving anytime soon because of her popularity), plus the panel would not be diverse if someone like her replaced John
  20. Khalea’s Audition and even Knockout were great. If her playoff wasn’t so underwhelming and she also made T13, she would definitely have more votes here (didn’t help that the rest of Team Legend was strong that round).
  21. I have to go with Season 18 here. This Top 5 matched up a lot with the contestants I really liked that season. The only season here where my Top 3 favorites all made finale. Also, all of the finalists had a really good performance in either playoffs or semis. In Season 20, I was only really excited for Cam, and in Season 19, only Carter and Desz had a moment in Lives (Jim and John H weren’t as goo as they were prelives)
  22. It’s between Cami, Desz and John for me. I’ve spoken a lot about Cami’s tone on here, but she was definitely excellent here. I don’t think it was that much better than her others though, since I really like all of her performances except for The Joke. Desz did a great version of a great 90s R&B song that is never sung on the show. I was excited to see someone sing Unbreak My Heart and very excited that they delivered with it and got a Four Chair Turn. John is the contestant this season that had a great audition but struggled to live up to it. This performance was very mesmerizing, and it was great for his jazz-soul vibe, but then he got bad song choices in Lives. That tone is definitely polarizing, but it really worked on this song.
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