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  1. Possible snowflakes this season 1. Wendy Moten 2. Girl Named Tom Everyone else 3. Jonathan Mouton 4. Kinsey Rose 5. Peedy Chavis 6. Katherine Ann Mohler 7. Vaughn Muhol 8. Jack Rogan 9. Katie Rae
  2. Nothing too inaccurate so far. Glad GNT and Wendy both got A’s
  3. I’m going to go with a B. There were a lot of good but not great auditions, but the two acts I loved were really really good
  4. I liked his audition and I like his off show covers, so please add me.
  5. You own both of their fan threads so tonight had to be a lot of work
  6. Good thing they played Come Out in the Rain in the package. I listened to that song plenty of times before watching her audition
  7. The 2 Four Chair Turns I was most excited to see and they end up both being in the premiere. They both need to make Top 13 (and probably even semis)
  8. They are the group I know the least about, but we’ll see how good they are.
  9. Looks like we got 2 battle pairings in the premiere (GNT and Kinsey, Katherine and Vaughn) and 1 knockout pairing (Wendy and Jonathan)
  10. I saw that they do have a shortened cover of it on YT. Maybe they’ll sing it in full on the show. The problem I have with many group acts is that one member is much stronger than the other(s), which causes them to be much more uneven. This is not the case for Girl Named Tom because I really like all three singers’ voices individually.
  11. Also, they need to sing Fleetwood Mac at some point. They’re perfect for a group like them
  12. I had my eye on Girl Named Tom since the preseason, because they have a ton of videos on YouTube of their Livestreams. I waited to see their audition, but I finally saw it after a 2 hour delay. It was a well deserved Four Chair Turn and I want to see them go far on the show. I also love how they got four chairs on the word β€œFour”. Please add me, they have potential to be my favorite group act in 21 seasons
  13. I can’t vote until after I see GNT, but Wendy was the best out of the ones I saw.
  14. I decided to wait for the premiere to start joining fan threads. I had my eye on Wendy pre-show and she certainly delivered, and was a great closer for the premiere. Definitely add me, I want to see how far she can go
  15. I missed the first 3 performances due to technology issues so they need to get them up
  16. So the first audition I get to see in full is the guy with a full cover of his audition on his YouTube channel
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