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  1. 1. Wendy Moten 2. Girl Named Tom 3. Holly Forbes 4. Gymani 5. Brittany Bree 6. Aaron Hines 7. Carson Peters
  2. 1. Brittany Bree 2. Joana Martinez 3. Payge Turner 4. Franc West
  3. If they montage anyone on that team, then probably Xavier vs Carolina or The Cunningham Sisters vs Parker
  4. They are both four chair turns. They never montage those battles
  5. Seeing both of their auditions, it makes sense why Kelly paired them.
  6. Yeah, It’s clear that she was unsure of what she wanted to do during David’s audition. Glad he got that chair turn though (Maybe the other coaches didn’t turn because they wanted to let Ariana have him)
  7. I’m not sure who else noticed, but Ariana seemed very hesitant when hitting her button in the first taping. She turned for David, the first auditioner, at the last second, and hesitated to turn around for Aaron when she wanted to in the beginning. She also turned around for GNT last (right after Blake). She also didn’t turn for Bella until Kelly and John did. It seemed like at first, she was afraid to turn before the other coaches
  8. This was a great song choice for his voice. Too bad he went to Team Kelly and not Team John It’s weird that they saved a Four Chair Turn for the last episode, especially since he was taped early. I think the reasoning is obvious though.
  9. Ryleigh Plank - Anyone - 7 Jershika Maple - Can You Stand the Rain - 8 Manny Keith - Break My Heart - 6 KJ Jennings - Put Your Records On - 7 LiBianca - Good Days - 7 Sophia Bromberg - Heather - 3 Wyatt Michael - Mack the Knife - 8 Brittany Bree - Call Out My Name - 9
  10. Oh I know who you’re talking about, and that would be a bad trajectory, because I think that contestant definitely overstayed
  11. Yep. She valued both Corey Ward and Megan Danielle when they were on
  12. It gets a C. Definitely weaker than many of the other episodes for me, but at least it’s better than many other Episode 5’s.
  13. Yeah. These contestants do not deserve to be attacked for their daily struggles. They need to remember that these contestants are people first and contestants second. It’s not something that deserves to be made fun of. It annoys me some of the lengths people will go to insult contestants they don’t like.
  14. Yeah, I can’t believe that was what they made fun of her for. I didn’t like her audition, but I don’t think you should make fun of people for having eating disorders. Especially since she’s younger. Some people go overboard with the criticism and cyberbully these contestants for reasons that have nothing to do with their performances.
  15. 1. Brittany Bree 2. Jershika Maple 3. Wyatt Michael 4. Ryleigh Plank 5. LiBianca 6. KJ Jennings 7. Manny Keith 8. Sophia Bromberg
  16. I shouldn’t be surprised about KJ getting a C. Charlie’s been very harsh with covers of that song. I know he gave Jaclyn a D and Andrew an F (At least he acknowledges that this is still better than those performances) Jershika’s was too low as well. Even if it took a while to build up, that ending would have at least bumped it half a grade. Also kind of disappointed how Sophia’s performance got one of the higher grades of the night. Well, I had reasons for not liking it that didn’t have to do with her being off pitch or anything. And Brittany got the only A of the episode as expected (honestly, this part makes sense, I personally wouldn’t include the + though) No real comments about the rest
  17. Bella is the only one I could see getting 4 chairs (and Samuel, but he actually got Blake)
  18. How many questionable three chair turns are there this season?
  19. Yeah. Much worse than even the weakest chair turners so far
  20. At least those are better than last week’s montages (can’t believe they brought them back though, even with that extra hour)
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