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  1. I think the voice and these other shows are rigged.  Like just now the girl that was saved shouldn't have been the one saved. 

  2. Hello Someone! it's really good to see you still updating everyone with insights of the show! wonder how things have been since we lost IDF archives!
  3. I feel Ryan G's audition is doing well on social media because of fans trying to create a connection between him and Kelly. I feel the audition was good, but Time To Say Goodbye isn't that great of a song to win votes.
  4. Hello everyone, welcome to the first round of blind auditions. Let's give it up for our amazing coaches. Please Welcome Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Hudson, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. Davon Fleming - All 4 Chairs Turned Picks Jennifer Hudson Emily Luther - Miley, Blake and Jennifer Hudson turned Emily Picks Miley Cyrus Maharasayi - Adam Levine turned Default to Adam Levine's Team Karli Webster - Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Blake turned Karli picks Blake Shelton Ashland Craft - Blake Shelton and Miley Cyrus turned Ashland picks Blake Jeremiah Miller - No Turns Brooke Simpson - All 4 Coaches Turned Brooke picked Adam Levine That's it for this episode! Tell me your favorite performance and who would you like to see audition for The Voice Season 13!
  5. I will be recreating Season 13, with fresh performances and some new contestants!
  6. Hello everyone, It's TheKingWhoCared! It has been a really long time since I have started something on Idolforums. Back in 2018, when IDF had its old database. This forum has always been very special for me. Idol Games used to have many games and competitions. Although the games don't exist here anymore. I wish to revive certain pages that I always loved. I'll start with the Redo game, which was a very popular game here.
  7. Joei Fulco vs Todd Michael Hall - The Best - 11 Anaya Cheyenne vs Chelle - Scared to Be Lonely - 12 Roderick Chambers vs Joanna Serenko - When the Party's Over - 15 Mike Jerel vs Zach Day - Adorn - 7 Allegra Miles vs Michael Williams - How Will I Know - 16 Toneisha Harris vs Jacob Daniel Murphy - Good as Hell - 24 Micah Iverson vs GiGi Hess - Someone You Loved - 21 Mandi Castillo vs CammWess - Senorita - 9 Cam Spinks vs Kailey Abel - What Ifs - 8 Darious Lyles vs Nelson Cade III - Come Together - 11 Arei Moon vs Samuel Wilco - Missing You - 11 Megan Danielle vs Samantha Howell - Top of the World - 12 Todd Tilghman vs Jon Mullins - Ghost in This House - 12 Mandi Thomas vs Sara Collins - My Baby Loves Me - 10 Thunderstorm Artis vs Cedrice - Stay - 21 + Samatha - Toneisha
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