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  1. yeah country isn't as "behind" with streaming as people give them credit for.
  2. I mean the live numbers are slightly better than they were last season The performance shows have been about the same at least, but the results have gone UP. At this point I don't think they'll go fractional this season, which is a plus.
  3. That would explain why those numbers are higher compared to everyone else. It's really not a matter of lack of interest.
  4. They're usually not this low. I feel like the fact that they were uploaded so late partly contributed to the low numbers. You wouldn't think Rose's numbers on Youtube would be so low.
  5. Katie she might just win this thing...
  6. My thought process was the fact that Jake was so high by comparison despite performing after.
  7. Brooooo, Katie charting that high already is crazy. Big voiced women typically don’t iTunes well.
  8. Iirc last time this happened it was fake and that could have been edited by anyone
  9. Kelly has Jake. That’s all she needs. Shane and Hello Sunday don’t have a chance. Gwen I don’t think has a shot to win, singers like Rose and Myracle typically have T8 as their ceiling and Joana has no chance with the instant save handicap. We’ve seen Kyla make the finale but I don’t think Rose or Myracle will match her success. John has Marybeth and Katie, both who can definitely win. They both have extremely strong and dedicated fanbases ready to vote them through anything. I think both can easily make the finale. Will isn’t making the finale, he’ll be lucky to make middle 3 in bloodbath week. REALLY lucky. Blake is the hardest to predict. We all know his ridiculous track record, but neither of his remaining artists seem like winner material. I used to think Ricky could easily win the show, but I don’t think he’ll take the win anymore. Can he make the finale? Absolutely. Will he? I’m giving it a 50/50 chance. As for Kat I think she’s in a stronger position fan base wise but I question how far she can go, giving she only does slow ballads. Yes, Maelyn did exactly that last season but she was far and above the other contestants that season. Kat doesn’t have that benefit.
  10. Not counting S13's pre-taped playoffs, Max Boyle was the first contestant to get a PV in the playoffs and be eliminated the next week since Mia Z in S8.
  11. Still the holy trinity 1 - Katie Kadan 2 - Rose Short 3 - Marybeth Byrd Still improved a lot 4. Myracle Holloway 5. Joana Martinez Not my thing but I can kinda see the appeal 6. Kat Hammock 7. Will Breman 8. Ricky Duran 9. Hello Sunday Overstayed their welcome for WAY too long 10. Jake Hoot 11. Shane Q
  12. Since the block was introduced, S17 is the first season where more than one block made the T12/T13.
  13. Compare this to S16’s top 13 results show. This had a higher demo by .4 and about 2 million more viewers!
  14. Joana beats Shane and Myracle in the instant save.
  15. Marybeth - 24 Katie - 27 Jake - 42 Ricky - 82 Kat - 91 Cali - 96 Will - 131 Rose - 182 Rest outside Top 200
  16. no matter how many Danny's Song covers we get they always sell well even if they're all the same
  17. Opening: Hello Sunday Closing: Rose Short Streaming bonus: Jake Hoot
  18. Is that why Kelly eliminated her so soon?
  19. Katie, Rose, Jake, and Kat all got very good song choices. I think Joana and Myracle will be in danger.
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