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  1. I guess it really depends on how you use the scale right. For instance, "average" for a lot of people here seems to be like a 7 or 8 and kind of equating those similarly to Cs and Bs in school. But on a 10-point scale you can just as easily argue the "average" performance should be a 5. Some episodes - and seasons - would be comparatively better or worse, but those folks would likely have about an even numbers of 4s and 6s, a slightly smaller number of 3s and 7s, 2s and 8s, 1s and 9s, and the fewest 0s and 10s reserved for h best and worst of the season. I'm not sure either system is any better, just a matter of preference, but as long as everyone says fairly consistent in their own system it tends to balance out. Of course, giving yourself the variably of a larger scale to work with also gives those scorers slightly more weight...that's just how the math works, but it also seems like there's more of the former and less of the latter so it probably balances out to an extent too.
  2. Joanna Serenko - "Lean On Me" 6 Micah Iverson - "I Will Follow You Into The Dark" 8 Todd Tilghman - "Love, Me" 8 Zan Fiskum - "Never Be The Same" 5 Thunderstorm Artis - "Home" 8 Megan Danielle - "What Hurts The Most" 5 Allegra Miles - "Overjoyed" 6 Toneisha Harris - "Because You Loved Me" 5 CammWess - "Rainbow" 9
  3. I want to say Louis. He deserved to be gone already and I would've preferred Makayla, Jovin or Sophia over him in the Top7. I think America hopefully comes to the senses this time around. The other one is a tougher call...I feel like it might be Just Sam, partially because this was kind of a solid but not spectacular week from her and partially because African Americans have a poor track record of being pushed deep by the public in recent seasons. If it were up to me, I'd cut Francisco and Louis instead, though I did truly like the former for the first time tonight since his audition on his Mother's Day song. But based on body of work, I still have him a shade lower than the other five.
  4. 1. Julia Gargano 2. Jonny West 3. Just Sam 4. Dillon James 5. Arthur Gunn 6. Francisco Martin 7. Louis Knight
  5. EXCELLENT: 1. Julia Gargano - “Sweetest Devotion” (Adele) VERY GOOD: 2. Jonny West - “Amazing Grace” 3. Dillon James - “Hang On, Hang On” (Amos Lee) 4. Jonny West - “Almost There” (from The Princess and the Frog) 5. Francisco Martin - “River” (Leon Bridges) GOOD: 6. Just Sam - “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” (from Cinderella) 7. Arthur Gunn - “Hey, Ma” (Bon Iver) GOOD ENOUGH: 8. Arthur Gunn - “Kiss the Girl” (from The Little Mermaid) ALMOST GOOD ENOUGH: 9. Just Sam - “I Turn to You” (Christina Aguilera) 10. Dillon James - “Our Town” (from Cars) MEH...DECENT, I GUESS: 11. Louis Knight - “You’ve Got a Friend” (Carole King) WASN'T FEELIN' IT: 12. Francisco Martin - “You’ll Be in My Heart” (from Tarzan) 13. Julia Gargano - “Beauty and the Beast” (from Beauty and the Beast) WHIFF: 14. Louis Knight - “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” (from The Lion King) UPDATED PERSONAL PREFERENCE BASED ON BODY OF WORK: 1. Julia Gargano 2. Jonny West 3. Just Sam 4. Dillon James 5. Arthur Gunn 6. Francisco Martin 7. Louis Knight
  6. mikeyps


    Top 3: Thunderstorm Todd Allegra Middle 3: Joanna (winner) Micah Toneisha Bottom 3: Zan CammWess Megan
  7. 1. Just Sam - “Grandma’s Hands” (Bill Withers) 2. Julia Gargano - “New York State of Mind” (Billy Joel) 3. Sophia James - “In My Room” (The Beach Boys) 4. Jonny West - “Faithfully” (Journey) 5. Makayla Phillips - “The House That Built Me” (Miranda Lambert) 6. Jovin Webb - “Voodoo” (Allen Stone) 7. Louis Knight - “In My Place” (Coldplay) 8. Arthur Gunn - “Take Me Home, Country Roads” (John Denver) 9. Francisco Martin - “Falling Like the Stars” (James Arthur) 10. Grace Leer - “Over the Rainbow” (Judy Garland) 11. Dillon James - “Yesterday” (The Beatles)
  8. Enjoyed Most: 1. Lauren 2. Jonny Solid Enough: 3. Arthur 4. Julia 5. Makayla 6. Just Sam 7. Kimmy 8. Dillon 9. Cyniah 10. Grace Almost Solid Enough: 11. Aliana 12. Sophia 13. Faith 14. Francisco A Bit Meh: 15. Nick Something Amiss: 16. Jovin (too bad, too, because he was one of my early favorites so I still voted for him) 17. Louis 18. Olivia 19. Franklin Good Voice, Failed Arrangement: 20. DeWayne
  9. I went: Michael - 10 votes Nelson - 9 votes Samantha - 3 votes Todd - 0 votes
  10. Out here on the Westside, earlier this evening Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino counties just issued statements saying face masks will be required when going out in public starting at 12:01am on Friday and that social distancing requirements will likely extend into June. If it was anything more than a pipe dream before, that's a pretty strong indicator there won't be anything resembling live shows in this city...at least not if they hope to do it before summertime.
  11. Wait....how are they going to do a 4-way knockout with fan voting if the show isn't live anymore? Is it voting on pre-taped performances? And when does the voting happen? Do those four skip the knockouts and vie to get into the playoffs? Or do they skip they playoffs too? I'm so confused...
  12. Probably lots of reruns of Ellen's Game of Games or some other such shizz...
  13. As a Los Angelino myself, I'm gonna say that feels unlikely, at least at this point. Of course, much of it will depend on how things trend over the next couple months. But to make it happen, things would have to get to the point where it's starting to feel OK to have people flying again. You'll be asking scores of people that work for the show, from producers, to the judges, to the band, to vocal coaches not to mention all the set people and other production crew...asking them all to get back to work. And once even one person tests positive, they probably have to shut it all down again and quarantine everyone for two weeks. I just find it hard to believe they'll get to the point it's worth the risk by then. Also complicating things, the L.A. metro area currently has about the fifth highest incidence rate - in terms of total numbers - in the country behind Seattle, Chicago, Detroit and, of course, New York City. We also have the second biggest population. We currently have about 3000 reported cases in the greater L.A. area and conventional wisdom suggests that the number will double about every three days until finally hitting its peak somewhere between two to four weeks from now. We currently have a naval ship docked in Long Beach and ready to take the slew of non-corona patients expected to be forced from hospitals to a safer area for their procedures and monitoring. Now we do have a couple things going for us that maybe NYC didn't (we ordered the lockdown earlier in our timeline, we're a very spread out, horizontal city rather than a vertical one, and we're largely a driving city rather than a metro-dependant one), but by all accounts it'll be at least the end of April, at best, before we have any chance to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I suspect this will be one of the last cities in the country to start having things resemble "business as usual" or anything remotely close to it. If I'm a betting man, I'm putting a large sum of money on June auditions for the fall season not happening in June.
  14. AWESOME SAUCE: 1. Chris Blue 2. Alisan Porter 3. Maelyn Jarmon USUALLY LIKED A LOT: 4. Sawyer Fredericks 5. Sundance Head 6. Tessanne Chin 7. Josh Kaufman LIKED WELL ENOUGH: 8. Brynn Cartelli 9. Cassadee Pope 10. Javier Colon 11. Chevel Shepherd 12. Jordan Smith 13. Danielle Bradbury 14. Chloe Kohanski 15. Jake Hoot MEH: 16. Jermaine Paul WAS HARD FOR ME TO STOMACH: 17. Craig Wayne Boyd
  15. Not 10, and not in ranked order, but here's my list: Katie Kadan, "Baby I Love You" (top 10) Brennan Lassiter, "You Are My Sunshine" (top 10) Will Breman, "Say You'll Be There" Kat Hammock, "Vienna" (top 10-ish) Kyndal Inskeep, "Never Been To Spain" (top 10) Max Boyle, "Wayfaring Stranger" Mendeleyev, "Girl From The North County" (top 10) MaryBeth Byrd, "Angel from Montgomery" Gracee Shriver, "Rainbow" Kyndal Inskeep and James Violet, "I Could Use a Love Song" (top 10) Max Boyle, "when the party's over" (top 10) Rose Short, "Big White Room" Kat Hammock, "Kiss Me" Gracee Shriver, "Leave The Pieces" Joana Martinez, "You Can't Stop the Girl" Katie Kadan, "Always Remember Us This Way" (top 10) Kat Hammock, "Danny Boy" (studio) Katie Kadan, "I'm Going Down" (top 10) Marybeth Bryrd, ""Go Rest High On That Mountain" Jake Hoot, "Danny's Song" (top 10-ish) Rose Short, "Maybe I'm Amazed" Rose Short, "God's Country" (top 10-ish) Ricky Duran, "Born Under a Bad Sign" Katie Kadan, "Lady Marmalade" Rose Short, "I Want To Know What Love Is" (top 10-ish) Jake Hoot, "Desperado" Rose Short, "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman" (top 10) Katie Kadan, "All Better" Rose Short, "Border Song" (top 10)
  16. Cover: 1. Rose (by a mle) 2. Katie 3. Ricky 4. Jake OG: 1. Ricky 2. Katie 3. Rose 4. Jake Duet: 1. Katie 2. Jake 3. Rose 4. Ricky Want: Rose by a hair over Katie. Ricky solidly in 3rd and closer to 2nd than Jake in 4th. Will: Katie fumbles it away to Jake thanks to piss poor cover song choice and lacking a moment in the finale. Ricky in 3rd because Team Blake. Rose is fourth because...well...we've been down this road before.
  17. Rose's cover has closer written all over it, I think.
  18. 1A. Katie 1B. Rose 3. Ricky 4. Jake That said, I really can't complain much about the finale. I love Rose and Katie, like Ricky quite a bit and as others have said, respect Jake even if the genre isn't my thing. He's a solid country artist...not sure if he's particularly distinct or memorable, but admittedly I've liked more than disliked most of his performances...I just haven't REALLY liked any, unlike each of the other three.
  19. 1. Rose Short - "Maybe I'm Amazed" 2. Katie Kadan - "Without You" 3. Myracle Holloway - "Everybody Hurts" 4. Marybeth Byrd - "Stars" 5. Ricky Duran - "Downtown Train" 6. Kat Hammock - "I'll Fly Away" 7. Jake Hoot - "Every Light in the House" 8. Joana Martinez - "Dreaming of You" 9. Hello Sunday - "The Middle" 10. Will Breman - "Light My Fire" 11. Shane Q - "Mercy" Still one week doesn't affect my overall preference that much. Here's where i am now: 1. Katie 2. Rose 3. Kat 4. MaryBeth 5. Myracle 6. Ricky D 7. Joana 8. Will 9. Jake 10. Hello Sunday 11. Shane
  20. TOP 13 Bottom 3: Joana, Shane, Myracle Saved: Joana TOP 11 Bottom 2: Joana, Cali Saved: Joana TOP 10 Bottom 3: Joana, Will, Hello Sunday Saved: Hello Sunday TOP 8 Bottom 2: Hello Sunday, Max Middle 3: MaryBeth, Rose, Ricky D, Saved: MaryBeth Top 3: Katie, Jake, Kat FINALE 4th Place: MaryBeth 3rd Place: Kat Runner-up: Jake Winner: Katie
  21. Can I just say everything by Braiden Sunshine, or do I have to pick one like maybe "Radioactive?" And is it too soon to nominate Jake HaldenVang steering away from a rock lane he had all to himself to sing Adele instead? Or is there a certain Hall of Fame-like moratorium waiting period before someone becomes eligible?
  22. But you are forgetting one important detail. They competed within teams last week, not as a whole group. It's mathematically possible, though not probable, that Gwen's Team was 16th through 20th last week and Joana could've been as low as 17th overall. Now I assume it wasn't that extreme, but still, you certainly can't say with any clarity that a PV person from one team received a higher number of votes than the saved artist from another. The only people we know for certain got less votes than Joana last week were Myracle, Kyndal and Jake H doesn't stand for Hoot. Everything else is speculation. Though if we're speculating, my hunch is last week looked something like this: Katie (John-PV), Jake Hoot (Kelly-PV), Kat (Blake-PV) and MaryBeth (John-PV) as the top 4 is some order. And then something vaguely like this: 5. Ricky D (Blake-PV) 6. Rose (Gwen-PV) 7. Max (Kelly-PV) 8. Gracie (Blake IS contestant) 9. Hello Sunday (Kelly IS contestant) 10. Joana (Gwen-PV) 11. Will (John Save) 12. Other Jake H (Gwen IS contestant) 13. Kyndal (Gwen instant eliminated) 14. Damali (Kelly instant eliminated) 15. Cali (Blake Save) 16. Ricky B (Blake instant eliminated) 17. Alex (John IS contestant) 18. Shane Q (Kelly Save) 19. Khalea (John instant eliminated) 20. Myracle (Gwen Save) For what it's worth given the combo of last week's voting AND this week's performance, I think the Top 6 are the only ones that are truly safe. Max is probably safe too. That leaves Hello Sunday, Joana, Will, Cali, Shane Q and Myracle. With only three contestants to back and given the stark improvement from awful last week to adequate this week, I'd guess Cali is also likely safe for a week thanks to the power of the Blake voting bloc even if there's some slight backlash among the most conservative of the contingent. Hello Sunday winning the IS last week I think means that they can probably get enough folks to mobilize to keep them out of trouble for one more week. Though I wouldn't be shocked to be wrong here. So really I think the bottom three will be between the forseome of Will, Joana, Shane Q and Myracle. More of a wild guess here but I feel like Will or Shane are the most likely to have some sort of voting backing and I'll give Will the edge for being a bit more memorable, for better or for worse. So Joana, Shane Q and Myracle sing for their lives. Things like the Blake Voting Army seem to not have as strong an impact in these instant save things where the advantage sometimes seems to shift to whichever contestant can throw the kitchen sink the best. Myracle has the potential but generally seems to favor the subtle, less is more approach so she'd have to go against her nature more. Shane's toast. Even if he tries it, he'll just get badly exposed. So my money would be on Joana going big and pulling out the save.
  23. Also agree Joana, Myracle and Shane Q end up in the bottom three. Also agree Joana gets the IS, though I think Myracle has a shot if she goes big and busts out a balls-to-the-wall/diva moment. Not sure it's her style, but it's proven helpful to others in that position in the past...like Rayshun a couple seasons back who I swear prepped harder from his save song than his Monday songs...savvy.
  24. Exactly. I absolutely agree with this. I don't think the number of contestants in the finale is the greatest telltale sign for how good or bad a coach is. Adam is a great example. Not that I'm pitching him as fantastic or anything, but there was so much Adam backlash by the start of last season he could've had Adele, a '90s Mariah Carey and a late '80s Whitney Houston on his squad and he probably wouldn't have made the finale. Conversely, while I do think he's a decent coach and even better strategist, I've never felt like Blake is the best coach in Voice history, just the most popular one, and a coach whose contestants are routinely carried a round or few further than they likely would be on another team. As for Gwen, I think her past seasons were pretty dubious BOTH in terms of actual mentoring AND in terms of her decision making, but on both fronts, particularly the latter, I was pleasantly surprised by her this season. Until tonight. I think picking Myracle wasa huge gaffe. I mean, I like her well enough...it's not that she isn't deserving, but this is a voting demo that has continually shown an inability to back multiple artists within that genre when they aren't on the team of a favored coach. Myracle will be done next week. Guaranteed. Not because she necessarily deserves to be, that's just what Voice history shows. Kyndal would've been a much better bet to have some staying power. Jake Hydendblahblahblah probably would've been, too.
  25. That's totally fair. I amend my comment to worst decision maker in Voice history. At least for the last two seasons. Her actual mentoring is still solid. I stand corrected. I actually liked Miley quite a bit as a coach, but agree in the decision-making department she was pretty poor. Gwen was among the worst on my list prior to this season, but I think she's been much better. I think she had arguably the best all-around team as of last night with John's squad the other in the running. That said, her actual coaching is still up for debate. I agree there. I'll settle with Shakira and Cee-Lo as the worst actual coaches. But in terms of decision making, Kelly is speeding to the bottom of the chart. Between Mikaela last season and Brennan and now Shane Q this season (and those are just the first that immediately spring to mind), I am completely done with her and ready for her to move on.
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