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  1. Jordans EP drops today. I think this is his best album, imo.
  2. Thanks and I was thinking the same thing regarding it being exhibit A, but there are so many
  3. Call me crazy, but I read this earlier and it made my brain hurt. Then later today I was reading it to my wife, but while I read it something was not right it was differant. Has this document/transcript been changed? Or maybe I'm syncing with potato Joe now
  4. I'm borderline nuts, but that right there is batcrap crazy. If that had been a Republican in a garilla mask doing that to a black Democrat the media would be screaming "White nationalist racist". It breaks my heart that Joe is gonna get away with leaving Americans and allies in Afghanistan. I don't think I could aim an egg through my tears.
  5. My gut says Trump won't run again and his strategy is to keep Democrats crazy, which is really easy to do from what I heard he's formed a shadow presidency.
  6. One thing is for sure. I don't need the media to give me reasons to hate him. He's done that all on his own. Hope he comes near my area here in Calif. I'd like to scream at him.
  7. I don't think you are wasting your time. I very much appreciate yours and season1 post. I guess if its not on TikTok most people have no clue what's happening or they hear the media narrative and move on. I just found out the vaccine that was approved by the FDA for covid, is not even available here. It's a new vaccine and many state health departments don't know when it will be available in the USA. Anyway, as I said. I appreciate your posting, but I also understand how exhausting it is to one's psyche.
  8. You're not alone in trying to comprehend this. And you're right people aren't spending enough time researching this. Only a few of my .co-workers seem to know what's happening, and one only reacted when I talked about the dogs, smh. Maybe when or if China makes a move on Taiwan and their child is drafted will they wake up.
  9. You would think, that after Jussie Smollet and Covington/native American incident that people would learn to tune out the spin/narrative and take a breath, and wait a few days. As they say "fools rush in"
  10. A little context about Daniel Funke. He is a self appointed "fact checker" but as usual just another political hack carrying water for a dismal failed president Joe Biden. Daniel authored the original article in USA Today who then had to correct the story. A gold star father (Hoover) who was at the ceremony said " Biden checked his watch not once, but after each service members casket past" that's 13 times. If anyone wishes to call this man a lier, step on up. His interview was on Fox you can look it up and leave a nasty comment. Biden wasn't checking his watch. He was looking for blood on his hands. Imo
  11. You are much more level headed than me. I needed a few days to let my blood stop boiling. Thanks.
  12. You're a one trick pony. See the wizard already. You have no heart. There must be a reason you don't have one.
  13. This is possibly my favorite gosple release. That's saying a lot because I'm not a big gosple lover, so it needs that special something to get me. This has that. Jordan had a IG live a few days ago. He said this is the last single and he will be releasing an EP soon and a wink to the camera to someone's comment about a Christmas album.
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