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  1. On 8/30/2021 at 2:02 PM, jus.willy said:

    because Your the one always making the most unpopular opinions🤣 it’s a problem for me to ask what makes you think about these things? I just wanna know the reasoning behind such thoughts/opinions.


    If someone came into idf with your opinions id be asking them the same things I’m asking you 

    These are not his opinions. He's just trying to predict if Minivan will like the contestants.

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  2. 8 minutes ago, TeamAudra said:

    Does anyone have a list of every contestant who has been featured like Holly in the “first look” promo over the past several seasons?


    I can only recall Tamara. 

    I can recall Tamara, Dana, Toneisha, Katie, Kyla, SandyRedd, Tamar, Shelby, Ashland, Wé, Jej

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  3. Presley Tennant


    Youtube Instagram



    Voice Performances

    Blind Auditon - Stone Cold

    Battle Round - Whataya Want from Me


    Cross Battle - Love On the Brain


    Live Playoffs - Nothing Break Like a Heart


    Original Music










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  4. 30 minutes ago, macattacklolz said:

    Well hello my lovely peoples. It’s Rachel. I just wanted to hop on and say thank you to you all so much for hyping me UPPPPP this season! Y’all were the firsts to do so and I appreciate y’all so much! This lil website is not a contestant fav because of all the criticism 👀👀 but I always like to stop by my fan thread and read what’s the haps! Thank you again my sweets🤍

    I love you Queen

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