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  1. Jim - With A Little Help From My Friends BLAKE I WANNA THANK YOU!!!!!! OOOHHHHHH YEAAHHHHHH (I miss you, Kyla)
  2. Will the song Will the songs just pop in there in like 1 minute?
  3. DesZ should sing a modern song in the finale though. She only sang 90s songs, as far as I remember
  4. Now everyone's acting like no shit had been said about Carter...
  5. Carter will be the best male winner ever. Jordan Smith won because he sang gospel during the live shows.
  6. @Jyn Mycle Hey, can you add me to the private spoiler group chat?
  7. Ok, some respectful people explained the problem so I'm fine and I got it.
  8. Well, when I said "I've got nothing to lose", I was referring to let it all out and speak what I was thinking, I knew people like you would try to piss me off, but I didn't lose anything. Actually, I don't care to wait a certain amount of time for the accurate spoilers, I just think that it is NOT necessary to wait until the end of season 19 - especially when it comes to NBC and contract stuff, a hundred people attend every taping, the chance of finding out who spoiled, considering we only talk about songchoices and the artists is so small.
  9. Ok, I gotta say it, I ain't got nothing to lose. I'm tired of this "don't post spoiler" policy, it's clear that everyone wants to post spoilers and lots of people want to receive it, so I don't understand the tea with posting them. If Season 19 is still on, it is not of our business. If they had a schedule problem, it is up to NBC to fix it.
  10. I just received an e-mail saying that the teams are full and the further tapings are cancelled.
  11. I'm just thinking that it'll be awkward if Season 20 premieres and coronavirus is not a thing anymore or at least social distancing is no longer needed lol
  12. I COULDN'T AGREE MORE!!!! That's exactly what I think. I don't think he's funny or interesting to watch, but he's actually pretty dedicated and sweet and I really loved his battles.
  13. Why don't we create a Discord "group - or whatever they call it" and we share the spoilers we have there?
  14. It was so sad. I'm not American and they only let me watch the rehearsals but not the actual show
  15. Are they letting non-Americans be a part of the remote audience for s20?
  16. I disagree with not posting the spoilers, we are all here for it and the names we got from the Virtual Blind Auditions from s19 were confirmed and consistent, and the same is going to happen with s20
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