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  1. That's exactly what happened to me. When I left, you guys were on the page 113
  2. Some online versions of The Voice featured Needy, I would love to hear it on the actual show.
  3. I would DIE for a battle of Give It Up by Ariana and Liz Gillies
  4. Ok, Rachel Mac will be interesting to watch, her next songchoices are really great
  5. Jim - With A Little Help From My Friends BLAKE I WANNA THANK YOU!!!!!! OOOHHHHHH YEAAHHHHHH (I miss you, Kyla)
  6. Will the song Will the songs just pop in there in like 1 minute?
  7. DesZ should sing a modern song in the finale though. She only sang 90s songs, as far as I remember
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