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  1. Let me know what you thought
  2. That means we know the top 16 Team Kelly Megan Danielle Micah Iverson Mandi Thomas Cedrice Team Nick Roderick Chambers Arei Moon Allegra Miles Thunderstorm Artis Team John Mike Jerel Zan Fiskum Mandi Castillo CammWess Team Blake Todd Tilghman Joei Fulco Toneisha Harris Joanna Serenko Four Way Knockout Michael Williams Samantha Howell Todd Michael Hall Nelson Cade III
  3. Team John - Joanna Serenko vs Brittany Allen - California Dreamin by Sia Winner: Joanna Steal from Kelly and Nick and Save from John Brittany picks John Team Blake - Todd Michael Hall vs Jared Harper - Dream on by Aerosmith Winner: Todd Jared is eliminated Team Kelly - Tayler Green vs Arei Moon - Boo'd Up by Ella Mai Winner: Arei Save from Kelly and Steal from John Tayler picks Kelly Team Blake - Samantha Howell vs Hawk McIntyre - Wild Horses by The Rolling Stones Winner: Samantha No Steal or save from Hawk Team John - Mike Jerel vs Tyrone Perkins - Ain't No Sunshine by Bill Withers Winner: Mike No Steal for Tyrone Team Nick - Micah Iverson vs Anders Dreup - Ahead of Myself by X Ambasassadors Winner: Micah Blake Steals and Nick Saves Anders picks Nick
  4. I wonder who will win jon vs arei and mandi vs anaya so we won't find out the knockout 4 way until monday?
  5. I'm making it 12 per team though Kelly Nick John Blake Tayler Green Nelson Cade III Darious Lyles Todd Tilghman Megan Danielle Tate Brusa Joanna Serenko Todd Michael Hall Arei Moon Toneisha Harris Zach Day Levi Watkins Allegra Miles Samuel Wilco CammWess Chelle Sara Collins Jacob Miller Mike Jerel Joei Fulco Anaya Cheyenne Zan Fiskum Brittney Allen Samantha Howell Mandi Thomas Roderick Chambers Thunderstorm Artis Jamal Corrie Jules Michael Williams Mandi Castillo Jon Mullins Cam Spinks Micah Iverson Kevin Farris Jacob Daniel Murphy Gigi Hess Anders Drerup Cedrice Kailey Abel Emily Bass Clerida Tracey Preston Jared Harper Ari Tibi Chrissy Joly Tyrone Perkins Hawk McIntyre
  6. IMO s18 - Mike Jerel s17 - Marybeth Byrd s16 - Celia Babini s15 - Kennedy Holmes
  7. does Tim Halperin and Ryan Innes not get to release their songs
  8. Who gave the best performance
  9. Team Kelly Megan Danielle Micah Iverson Anaya/Mandi Cedrice Team Nick Rodrick Chambers Allegra Miles Arei/Jon Thunderstorm Artis Team John Mike Jerel Zan Fiskum Mandi Castillo CammWess Team Blake Joei Fulco Toneisha Harris Todd Tilghman Joanna Serenko
  10. a save between each like how hello sunday was thats only 1 so that would be 9
  11. yeah they could do one public vote one coach save that would be 8 and a save between one from each coach team who got the third most votes on each team
  12. unless its like last year and each coach has one in the instant save
  13. the app said April 20: 4 way knockout vote May 4: Top 17 Vote May 5: Instant Save May 11: Top 9 Vote May 12: Instant Save May 18: Finale Vote
  14. That means next week we get Team Kelly: Mandi Thomas vs Anaya Cheyenne Micah Iverson vs Tayler Green Team Nick: Allegra Miles vs Jacob Miller Arei Moon vs Jon Mullins Team John Mandi Castillo vs Thunderstorm Artis Team Blake Toneisha Harris vs Cedrice
  15. Joei Fulco - When Will I Be Loved by Linda Ronstadt vs Levi Watkins - I Ain´t Living Long Like This by Waylon Jennings - Joei Wins Megan Danielle - Piece by Piece by Kelly Clarkson vs CammWess - Say Something by A Great Big World - Megan Wins and John steals Cam Darious Lyles - Me and Mrs. Jones by Billy Paul vs Mike Jerel - Versace on The Floor by Bruno Mars - TBA Tate Brusa - The Scientist by Coldplay vs Roderick Chambers - Redbone by Childish Gambino - TBA Todd Tilghman - Anymore by Travis Tritt vs Cam Spinks - Rumor by Lee Brice - TBA Joanna Serenko - Angel from Montgomery by John Prine vs Zan Fiskum - The Story by Brandi Carlile - Zan wins and Blake steals Joanna
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