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  1. Absolutely love & adore <3 01. Tessanne 02. Alisan 03. Jordan 04. Chloe 05. Maelyn 06. Cassadee Wasn't my pick for winner, but did really well and well deserved 07. Chris 08. Danielle 09. Josh 10. Javier Meh, I'm indifferent... 11. Sundance 12. Brynn 13. Sawyer 14. Chevel Great voices, but definitely shouldn't have won 15. Jermaine 16. Jake 17. Craig
  2. Yes there are other genre's that typically struggle more on the show than others, but I don't think anyone is arguing that plus that's not what this thread is about. Black females (which isn't a genre) struggle the most on the show given that not a single one has managed to win the show in 17 Seasons & 8 years and yet ppl still try to make excuses as to why it's not really an issue or point out other types of struggles to discredit it. It's gotten to the point where black women more than any other artists are predicted to make it no further than bloodbath and 95% of the time are correct.
  3. Yeah I know she still gets hate, but there's just as much people defending and supporting her. JHud get's way more hate than she does love.
  4. I think someone said it earlier in this thread, but Alicia, along with Pharrell and Usher, had a bit of a quiet presence on the show despite them all winning a season, but I don't think it was really a bad thing. Even when fighting for artists during the blinds all 3 coaches take a more timid approach which I like because they really try to connect with the artist instead putting up a good fight for TV like most coaches. It's a bit hard to dislike or even like a coach if they don't give much to work with. If you ask me America was pretty neutral on all 3 coaches rather than liked or disliked t
  5. I wasn't trying to say that you were doing that (sorry if it came off that way). I was talking about all the ppl that criticized Spensha, and Keisha, for reasons that a white male country would typically get praise for. Now Keisha, who happens to be one of my all-time favorites, had way more of a R&B/Soul flare in her country than Spensha. Spensha had great song choices and even had more of country twang to her yet ppl still said she wasn't country enough. At that point you have to look at things beyond what ppl are saying. At the end of the day, everyone has a musical preference and a voc
  6. I'm not saying you're racist. But if you're someone that's going to criticize a black female country singer for the same reason why you'd praise a white male country singer (not saying you are) then yeah I'm going to think it's a bit racist.
  7. What you're saying is the problem though. The problem is that black females are expected to stay in one lane. Nowhere does it say that country music can't have riffs and runs. If that's the case Chris Stapleton shouldn't be considered a country artist. However, he's a white male so ppl think it's cool that he has soul (in other words he sounds black). However, when a black female decides to sing country and add her own soulful flare to it, it's deemed as unnecessary and "not country". The double standard is rather racist because ppl are forcing them into a stereotypical genre. Spensha ma
  8. Realistic, none of them come close to Whitney. However, to me Shi'Ann comes a little closer to me. Where one lacks the other excels in. Kennedy has the power of Whitney while Shi'Ann has more of the vocal riffs & runs of Whitney. Shi'Ann lacks the belting power but part of that is due to her naturally raspy tone which causes her to sound strained or screechy at times. Still I think Shi'Ann would come closer to singing a song like Whitney than Kennedy. Kennedy sang Greatest Love of All beautifully, but that song doesn't really play with notes like other Whitney songs. It requires mostly bel
  9. I never said personality & the only reason ppl say Kennedy is because she sang a Whitney song. When it comes to matching Whitney's vocals, Shi'Ann came way closer than Kennedy. Kennedy has a beautiful voice but Shi'Ann had the ability to pull off the riffs/runs & vocal styling like Whitney. If they gave Shi'Ann a song like I Believe in You and Me, she would've snapped.
  10. I'm probably gonna get ripped for this, but if we're basing it off vocal ability as in range and acrobats, Shi'Ann is the closest we got to a young Whitney. However, it seemed like America didn't really like her voice plus she was team JHud so...
  11. You say that as if they have control over what songs they get to sing. They can only sing what the show has the right to use. If song choice was solely up to the contestant, I'm sure at least Amanda, Kimberly and Kyla would've won their seasons.
  12. Yeah it's been pretty clear, and after Kennedy 100% clear, that a black female will never win The Voice. They've done everything they possibly can by pimping when needed, black female rock artists, black female country artists and black female teens. I haven't really done the math (and someone can correct me if I'm wrong) but I believe collectively Blake has had the most black females on his team. I also feel like out of all the coaches Blake has tried his hardest win with a black female. After all of that, still a black female hasn't won the show. Ironically, like what ppl said before, B
  13. Rose might be able to pull off a Britton. However, Britton was up against two black women and well that really says it all right there... I want Rose to win, but I’m just happy she’s in the finale. She deserves at the very least that.
  14. Very cute and fitting choice for Joana and Kat as well It’s going to be interesting to see Katie perform a more contemporary/pop ballad with less grit like the her previous performances. I’m sure she’ll kill it still. So far Rose has the most surprising and my favorite song choice. I would like to see her go more in this direction.
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