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  1. Jordan Smith’s audition. Normally I can’t stand “Reality” TV but his voice just blew me away.
  2. Sawyer Frederick performed “Four Pockets” during season 9 and Carson talked about his EP. The previous winners usually perform at some point during the following season if they have material ready. The label may be partly to blame if the don’t or there may be extenuating circumstances. I suspect Jordan having a full album ready by Season 10 made it more appealing to the show for promotion.
  3. IDF: The Voice doesn’t focus on the contestants; it’s always all about the Coaches! The Voice: Watch Jordan slay every song! IDF: Not like that! We meant the ones WE like.
  4. Grimmies audition was at the time the most viewed official voice video. She had a huge YT following before the show. However Jordan’s surpassed it by a huge margin which is remarkable because he had absolutely no social media presence before his audition went viral. There was a screenshot of the final count in the old site which I still have on my computer. had they not been both taken down Grimmie’s might have once again taken the lead because of the tragic way she died.
  5. Amy Vachal was the save. Shelby was voted through.
  6. Cool! I think that most contestants DO get alot out of the show (especially those with less pro experience).
  7. the earlier contestants also had iTunes download money (back when downloads counted as votes). Sawyer and Jordan probably saw tens of thousands of dollars extra even if they only made a few pennies of each sale. Personally I cant stand MM (mainly because I find her Crybaby schtick kind of gross/cringe) but she really is great at marketing and image. I thought she really didnt want the Voice connection though (even though it probably did help with exposure to new fans)
  8. If no one wants to go first I think Barrett Baber really capitalized on the extra exposure. He was a marketing machine during the course of the show and hasn’t shied away from connections with it (often has fellow alumni playing gigs with him) it doesn’t hurt that he is country and that demographic seems less dismissive of reality shows it seems.
  9. It’s common knowledge that The Voice is not an automatic ticket to stardom (or even a record deal worth anything). The show even started saying so themselves and began promoting the experience, promotional, and educational aspects of being on the show. I have also seen interviews where artists have said they downplay or try to outright distance themselves from the show completely. Jeffrey Austin from S9 said there was a stigma among some promoters and venues. Chloe even changed her stage name. Does anyone know of contestants that directly benefitted from their time on the show? I can think of a few but I would be interested in hearing whats others think.
  10. I was replying to another user’s question as to why I thought Alisan didn’t do better in this particular contest. You were under no obligation to read my reply. Feel free to block me. (Is that still a feature on this site?) But I am still free to express my opinion; if it offends you then thats too bad. And yes I am a Jordan fan. But I tended to only post in his thread when there was a reason to, like an appearance or when he released music. When it became apparent that IDF didnt really care about his successes I stopped. Now if he did something important like dye his hair I might have to start up again. Lol. Mercfan3, if my comments are bothering you please let me know via DM and I will refrain. Since this is your thread I will respect your wishes.
  11. Bradbery had the largest fan thread on the old site. Granted a lot of the posts were just things like heart emojis to keep it on the front page but she does have the type of obsessive fans I was talking about. Alisan’s fan base dried up when she didnt release any new music. Not really her fault as she got no support from Republic. I wonder if Jarmon will follow the same trajectory. (Begins running from angry mob, hoping I dont get caught before the next season distracts them)
  12. She was. But IDF is extremely fickle for the most part. Unless there are a group of hard core obsessive stans backing a contestant* you can pretty much set your clock on a “queen” being forgotten about within 3 or 4 seasons. *Bradbery and Jarmon are the top 2 contenders for the “contestant most likely to inspire a cult” on this board.
  13. I actually conducted a survey on the old site and while some responded that looks didnt matter to them there was a significant percentage that answered that they preferred snowflakes that were “the whole package”. And most admitted that looks play at least some part in what draws them to singers on the show. I even marked one choice as “I represent everything wrong with the music industry today” and people still chose it. I admire their honesty but it kind of reinforces my point. but I dont want to mess up mercfan’s game anymore with side discussions.
  14. I turned off targeted ads in my browser. so in exchange for preserving a tiny bit of privacy I have to put up with the default ads a site is set for. So I get Trump and soft core incest porn (“My Stepmom is Hot”) My point wasnt about that though. It was about how I didnt feel IDF appreciated Jordan enough for me the spend time maintaining a fan thread. I mean when I posted that Celine fricken Dion sang a song he wrote it was met with crickets here. Had Jordan been a hot female that news would have been greeted with dozens of “Yas, Queen!”s lol /end thread jack
  15. Not really surprised Jordan lost. IDF has pretty obvious biases. Its the main reason I didn't restart his fan thread. That and the fact that nearly every ad I see on the site is some pro-Trump propaganda.
  16. A vaccine won’t help if you are already ill. Vaccines stimulate your immune system into producing disease-specific antibodies so you don’t get sick in the first place. And vaccines take a long time to develop. Estimates for a covid-19 vaccine put it at 12 months minimum. ‘They should do the shows without the audience. It would be more socially responsible. A reality tv show isn’t an essential service. #Flatten the curve
  17. Pretty amazing considering he didn’t even release a song this year.
  18. Currently almost 4 million monthly listeners. He could pull a Pentatonix and just release a Christmas album every couple of years
  19. Yes that’s fellow voice alum, Michael Sanchez, spreading some Christmas cheese. That’s a couple of times they have worked the same gigs. The hostess really had some glowing praise for Jordan.
  20. Jordan performed in a Christmas on Broadway show which is available on line as well as being broadcast nationally. https://www.davidjeremiah.org/events/christ...tid=artist-fcbk
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