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  1. I almost like her. Her tone's interesting, and she can clearly sing, but I don't know exactly what's missing for me here.
  2. I've heard too many good performances of this song to be that impressed by him, unfortunately.
  3. Hey, that wasn't too bad! I wonder what kind of direction he'll go in.
  4. I remember really liking Terry McDermott during S3 (his run on the show actually made me stick to the Voice), but I think my first ever snowflake is probably Michelle Chamuel, S4.
  5. Not really in any particular order. 1. Terry McDermott - I know he's a bit karaoke-ish, but hey, I started watching the Voice because I heard him singing the Who so well. 2. Will Champlin - honestly, such a solid run. I remember playing his version of At Last on repeat. And Secrets?? LOVE IT. 3. Josh Kaufman - I really really like his soulfulness and his tone. 4. Thunderstorm Artis - every single time, so so good. 5. Jordan Smith - I cannot deny his skills. Mary Did You Know is still one of my favorites. HM: Owen Danoff - love his pre and post show work, but his show run just pales in comparison to my Top 5 Matt McAndrew Hunter Plake Noah Mac Sawyer Fredericks
  6. Here are some I'd love to hear: Million Years Ago - Adele (LOVED some international versions of this) Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood - The Animals Faded Heart - Børns Oblivion - Bastille First Day Of My Life - Bright Eyes Romeo and Juliet - Dire Straits The Middle - Jimmy Eat World The Only Exception - Paramore Wonderful World - Sam Cooke Unsteady - X Ambassadors
  7. Female Folk/Alternative/Classical but I also like Pop/Rock/Indie 24 y/o
  8. CammWess - "Purple Rain" - 4/10 Todd Tilghman - "I Can Only Imagine" - 7/10 Micah Iverson - "Butterflies" - 5/10 Thunderstorm Artis - "Sedona" - 8/10 Toneisha Harris - "Faithfully" - 8/10 Todd Tilghman - "Long Way Home" - 6/10 CammWess - "Save It For Tomorrow" - 7/10 Micah Iverson - "Chasing Cars" - 6/10 Toneisha Harris - "My Superhero" - 9/10 Thunderstorm Artis - "What A Wonderful World" - 9/10
  9. Favorites Thunderstorm Zan Allegra Joanna Pretty Good - Really Good Micah Todd Toneisha Megan Cammwess The bottom five are really interchangeable. I honestly enjoy everyone in top 9 this season.
  10. Piece By Piece was better. I think that was too much for her, but she did...eh...okay with it, considering how tough it is.
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