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  1. Pls win 1. Desz - I enjoy listening to her immensely and really respect her vocal chops. She honestly has blown me away so many times this season. But if not you, then... 2. Carter - He's quite a solid contestant and I've enjoyed his performances too. I just prefer Desz over him, but wouldn't be mad if he won. Hm 3. John - I still don't know how to feel about his tone. Sometimes I'm feeling it, sometimes I'm not, but I'm definitely impressed. 4. Ian - Mumbly, but his singing makes me feel like coffee and campfire and nostalgia fo
  2. It's not impossible, but I don't think it's necessarily likely. Country is not my genre of choice, and I tend to stan those who sing songs within my preferred genres, so usually I end up liking others more. Of course there are definitely country stars in the music industry today that I actively enjoy (see: Cam, Kacey Musgraves, Chris Stapleton) so I'm not ruling it out. There have been good country artists in the past (Lauren Duski) that have been part of my favorites for a particular season, but for the most part I just find country artists to either be actively bad or just "fine"
  3. At least it wasn't Tanner or WTW? I gotta be fair, Bailey did well tonight, but ugh I'm gonna miss Payge
  4. I am having secondhand embarrassment at Kelly and Tanner...why...
  5. Bailey sounds better than Tanner and WTW, but I'm still voting for Payge since I enjoyed her performance more tonight.
  6. Not Payge's best, but I will be surprised if the other two impress me more.
  7. That's an interesting song choice, but as usual, Payge did really well on it. Hopefully the rest of the voters agree
  8. Not surprising. I still can't get onboard with John's tone but...
  9. I knew Sid didn't have a chance against WTW for Blake's choice, but Jim??? Jim Ranger????
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