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  1. 1. Bella - gorgeous from the very first note. 2. David - right up my alley, since I love pop-punk and rock music. I thought he was pretty good. 3. Cunningham Sisters - decent individually but harmonies need some work, and I think Kelly's coaching will help. 4. Janora - it was too inconsistent for me, and there are little things that were distracting as a listener. 5. Kaitlyn - interesting tone but a bit too rough around the edges for me personally.
  2. She should come back in a bit, with a better song choice. Has potential.
  3. His voice isn’t too bad but it needs better control and I am not a fan of the melodic changes he made.
  4. Not a bad start to night 2. She’s pretty good but I want to hear how she’d sound on something a bit different.
  5. Gymani because those melodic changes really worked for me. The battle was really good as well.
  6. Girl Named Tom - Helplessly Hoping - 9 Katie Rae - The Bones - 6.5 Peedy Chavis - Heartbreak Hotel - 7 Jonathan Mouton - Leave The Door Open - 7.5 Katherine Ann Mohler - We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off - 8 Jack Rogan - House of The Rising Sun - 8.5 Kinsey Rose - Cowboy Take Me Away - 8 Vaughn Mugol - The A Team - 7.75 Wendy Moten - We Can Work It Out - 9
  7. Yeah I definitely understand why this was saved for last. Really really good.
  8. Some pitch issues that were distracting but she should definitely come back. Also I love that song choice!
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