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  1. https://www.instagram.com/p/B_N8vPBnDY3/?igshid=nkzz0215qso7 Vote for Sam! Unpop Thunderstorm 8th best performance out of 10 KOS aired. Tired of four chair turns being KEPT in the competition. Tayler DESERVES that steal. Kelly did right picking Micah, he's great. Ranked Micah 3rd. Cedrice the best of the night, great pickup for Kelly.
  2. Sad face, really bummed Tayler didn't advance.
  3. Solid night of performances! 1. Cedrice 2. Tayler 3. Micah 4. Toneisha 5. Allegra 6. Mandi 7. Arei 8. Thunderstorm 9. Jon 10. Jacob Mandi over Anaya not a surprise. Sad face for Anaya no air time Four way knockout 1. Sam 2. Michael 3. Nelson 4. TMH Tayler Robbed Queen Sad Face
  4. Tayler Robbed Queen. I liked Micah, loved Taylers Time after Time. Tayler > TStorm. After TStorms battle Nick said "when I work with you later". Totally staged after Nick lost Joanna to Blake. Camm to John.
  5. You're right should be about artists and their performances. Not about the coaches. Root for the artists not the coaches.
  6. No but casual fans lean Kelly and Blake for the most part.
  7. Kelly doesn't have a streak 3 out of 4. John won with Maelyn.
  8. John made a strategic move in an even battle. TStorm on Team Nick rookie coach... Better then Mandi on Team Kelly who's won 3 times.
  9. Tayler singing classic "Time After Time" going to equal Awesomeness!
  10. Seem like an eternity since Tayler's Audition. Hopefully her KO will air. Four way KO could eliminate 1 or 2 Knockouts.
  11. No Sam tonight. Appreciation post, Sam rockin' denim for 4 Way KO! Preview has me excited
  12. Zan was amazing, loved her version of the Story. Tough call for John, staying loyal to Zan smart move. Looking forward to Zan's next performance.
  13. 1. Camm 2. Joanna 3. Zan 4. Megan 5. Roderick 6. Joei 7. Todd T. 8. Mike J. 9. Cam S 10. Darious 11. Levi 12. Tate Darious deserved a steal. Surprised Kelly didn't save her steal (Turned in Blinds) there. Ten solid performances IMO. The teenage boys not ready/development per usual. Four-Way KO probably means 1 KO per coach next week with 2 montages. Tayler/Micah featured in closing clip. No double montage for Tayler thank goodness.
  14. Add me! Blake did good tonight picking up Joanna!
  15. Camm was wise going back to Team Legend. Artists that have had 3 coaches don't seem to last long in Lives. Camm KO was excellent, looking forward to the next performance.
  16. Cam facial reactions to Kane Brown Song. Even said this isn't a song I would sing.
  17. Blake tough decision? Cam attitude in battles equals a Todd T. TKO!
  18. Tate and Darious two blinds premiere artist eliminated on Knockouts opening night? Yea S18 premiere night artists were the weakest of any season.
  19. Camm was smart going back to John. Artists on 3rd coach usually don't last long.
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