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  1. Todd's fans were from same city as knockout partner Cam Spinks. The irony
  2. Joanna and Micah were good performances. Both did what they could with the songs.
  3. Sam T17 song if 4-way KO worked out. Opened her IG live with the song. Amazing. Closed with Brand new Key Awesomeness. Lots of good songs in between, Originals & covers. Big fan of Sam.
  4. Sam singing my favorite Bruce Springsteen song kool
  5. Add me! Robbed queen in tragic instant save results. SMH Beautiful performance T17 Mandi awesomeness
  6. Cause Tate and Levi bombed. Need a young male artist in the competition.
  7. Country Queen Kool Shades Chill! Big fan of Sam, looking forward to following her music journey
  8. Just going to share the link. Thank you. Camm was awesome tonight
  9. Sam all the way! Sam oddly deleted first IG photo I posted. Here's current post, sadly no Sam in T17. Four way KO results tragic, how could Sam lose. Sad
  10. Queen should be performing, not bored in the house.
  11. 1. Camm Wess 2. Megan Danielle 3. Micah 4. Toneisha 5. Joei 6. Allegra 7. Todd T7
  12. Flashback Friday! Sam battle round outfit was sensational
  13. No come backs. Three weeks of lives quarantine style. Elimination goes 17-9-4 craziness
  14. Yea, Tayler's Time after Time was beautifully sung. Kelly based her decision on all three rounds. We have no idea about Tayler's battle vs. Jules. Wasn't aired. Both Micah and Tayler had solid blind auditions.
  15. Anaya deserved airtime. Praying Kool song choice.
  16. Strongest Team Kelly Weakest Team John Blake WINNER Joanna
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