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  1. S7 Pizza Squad was kool!!! Jessie & Reagan team waffle all the way. Oh yea Adam's team sausage stole the show. New coaches Pharrell and Gwen overmatched. Yea casual fan that year...
  2. Reagan James S7 Jessie Pitts S7 Sugar Joans S7 Team Pharrell!! Team Blake > Team Adam S7. Funny CWB won over 3 Team Adam contestants hahaha!
  3. Add Me, Beverly was awesome!!! Voice tribute was great. S1 nostalgia never forget.
  4. Throwback!!! Epic performance Queen Tayler
  5. Tayler Tuesday Ariana & Justin Stuck With You
  6. Beyonce All night Tayler Tuesdays!
  7. Camm original catchy hook. I enjoyed it, good message in the song.
  8. Todd and Camm were both solid. Not getting all the negativity.
  9. Camm did excellent imo. Kool to hear this Prince song performed on the Voice.
  10. Ughh promo for virtual open calls. Just take the season off. January things hopefully will be better
  11. Added! Gigi deserved a Steal, defiantly agree. Shared link to Micah & Gigi battle.
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