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  1. lmao  I don't care what anyone else thinks, I got a kick out of the video today. They went with a humorous one this time and we know Blake and Kelly are game for whatever, John mostly is and they all had to be to cover for Nick in both his dullness and lack of vocals compared to the other three. 🤭 I'll agree that the Blake/Nick stuff is old and forced at this point.  It's light years above the S15 Honey Bee. 😉

  2. 10 minutes ago, disney1024 said:

    Check her account. She wants Gwen to quit music so that she can focus on her family/wedding. And she keeps tweeting about changing the names of Gwen's kids. She also wants Blake and Gwen to elope. That lady is a bit cuckoo. 🤪


    Is that the same one that also keeps telling Kelly to stay away from Blake? There’s been a couple crazy accounts like that over the last year. lol

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  3. 28 minutes ago, AliXRose said:

    I’m curious, what controversies ? I’m also looking out for this performance, as far his song selection is on point !

    FWIW, I don't think there's any hard feelings about the song now, she still performs it at concerts etc. When it was released, there was another song that goes by the name Halo (you may have heard of it?) that sounds suspiciously similar. What's the common thread between the two? Ryan Tedder (this is where there still may be hard feelings). Kelly writes the lyrics, Tedder brought the track. She was asked about the two songs in a little sidebar of a printed interview around the time AG was released and she said that the two of them had been working together, they wrote and recorded the song. He went to work with Beyonce sometime after their session, slightly tweaked the track he had worked on with Kelly, they wrote Halo. Halo was released before Kelly's album was, she heard the song and tried to get AG off the album but the label said it was too late to do that. She then didn't want it released as a single because she knew there'd be a "controversy" over it. It was released as a single. There was some controversy. Both were successful though. It should also be noted that Kelly was still having a hard time behind the scenes with Clive and RCA for this album and this didn't help anything.


    I think it was noted that Corey is doing Sleeping At Last's version of the song? That's a great version. I'd be curious to know what Kelly's reaction to this was? I keep seeing people talk about Piece By Piece maybe being off-limits for obvious reasons, but to me, Already Gone might be right up there with that song in her discography that hit way different for her now.

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  4. 8 minutes ago, jus.vshn said:

    It might sir before that. Because s19 coaches went on Kelly’s show and they aired that one the week before the premeire. So we might get nicks interview next week

    Nope. Schedule is out for next week and he's not on it.

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  5. 58 minutes ago, jus.vshn said:

    Nicks interview on the Kelly Clarkson show might be aired. But wait was that the one where It was cancelled?


    No, they got that one in. He was the Thursday morning taping and they cancelled the afternoon one. I expect this one to air March 1st.

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  6. 7 minutes ago, Misirlou said:

    So Kelly losing her voice is just a rumor then.


    That's the reason the audience was given yesterday when they cancelled the afternoon taping an hour after it was scheduled to start. Rubin is the warmup guy for her show too (he also does The Voice) and he supposedly stressed that she was okay, which I take to mean that she's not sick, it's just a vocal/throat thing. He also added that it's just the times we're in with covid protocols and filming. 


    Nick was the guest for the morning session yesterday.

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  7. There's a lot of stuff unpacked in this article. Chris Willman talked to several Nashville execs including people on the radio side and other managers for this.


    What’s Next for Morgan Wallen? The Country Music Industry Considers His Future… and Its Own | Variety


    I'm just going to pull the sales, streaming and airplay portion since that was just talked about a couple posts up. The whole thing though is a good read.



    On Wednesday, the day after the scandal broke via TMZ’s webcasting of the video in question, radio airplay for Wallen fell 80% across the nation, according to Country Aircheck. That was to be expected, with all the top chains, including Entercom and Cox, joining iHeartRadio and Cumulus in ordering him off their stations entirely, and many independent stations following suit. But besides calling in angrily to those stations to demand Wallen, fans voted with their pocketbooks by purchasing or re-purchasing his music. On the iTunes charts following the mass exodus of broadcasters, Wallen had all three of the top spots on the album sales chart (for an EP as well as his two full albums) and seven out of the top 10 songs. Results were nearly the same on Amazon Music’s sales chart.


    Variety looked at stats provided by Alpha Data for the last few days of sales and streaming. On Wednesday, Wallen’s digital song sales increased from Tuesday’s by 327%. When it came to album sales, the jump was even more staggering: 1221%. The fan base, without a doubt, was making a statement.

    What can be lost in looking at those seemingly staggering figures, though, was how tiny a slice of the pie sales are in today’s music market, versus streams, where it’s harder for the most dedicated part of an energized fan base to affect a change. That huge increase in album sales from Tuesday and Wednesday amounted to going from 609 copies sold the day before the scandal broke to 8,044 the day after — not a huge amount on the overall scale of tens of millions of people becoming interested in the story.


    Wallen’s pace was much more consistent from day to day this week when it came to streams, according to information provided by Alpha Data. On Tuesday, he had 21,562,03 on-demand audio streams, which increased to 22,826,114 on Wednesday — a 5.86% increase from the day his scandal broke late in the evening to the following day. You could view that as an only modest increase… or you could see it as very much bucking the odds, since the streaming services were almost uniformly removing him from specialized playlists and prominent front-page spots, which pretty much guaranteed that those seeking Wallen’s music out were doing it very purposefully.


    Taken in all, the data does suggest that Wallen, if he were to choose to take a defiant stance, probably could try to keep going and engage his fan base directly without the assistance of his label, whoever his next agent will be, or any support to speak of from the mass media or country establishment. That’s highly unlikely, of course. But as the days pass without any additional statement from Wallen beyond the initial, highly unsatisfying apology, there’s more wondering to be done about whether the star is resisting what are surely calls from those closest to him to announce an entry into rehab and a voluntary recess from his professional career.



    And since Luke Combs was a topic earlier today, here's this part


    How the country music industry addresses the scandal going forward is a separate question. But it will be addressed at the upcoming Country Radio Seminar, the biggest annual gathering of industry pros, which is happening virtually instead of at its usual Nashville Renaissance Hotel location Feb. 16-19. Although most of the program was set in stone and a few panels had even been pre-recorded before Wallen became a topic of national discussion and furor, at least one radio panel is being reconfigured to address how radio responded to the startling development.


    Moreover, Maren Morris and Luke Combs. plan to address it in a joint interview they’re doing for Country Radio Seminar. Previously, they’d been slated to take on less provocative matters in their panel. Morris has been the more outspoken of the two stars — and has already made her feelings about Wallen letting country down public on her social media — but it was Combs who spoke up first to suggest they address a much bigger elephant in the room than their careers.


    “We have been working with Luke and Maren to do a featured artist interview session,” says RJ Curtis, the executive director of Country Radio Broadcasters and the annual convention they host. “You’ve got these two different kind of artists, Luke steeped in mainstream country and Maren with one foot in pop, who’ve reached the top as the CMAs’ top male and female vocalists in the past year, and we were going to talk about, ‘How are you building your career?’ But this week Luke Combs woke up and saw that news and was very disturbed by it, and called Maren, who’s cutting an album, and together they said, ‘We want to change the topic of this conversation. We think this is more pressing’ —  not just for a segment of those 50 minutes but the whole thing. They renamed it ‘Accountability, Responsibility and What the Future of Country Music Looks Like.” They want to take it on. Luke may have strong feelings about things, but we haven’t really seen him express that as much in print, yet he instigated it.


    “CRS is a good place to have that conversation,” continues Curtis. “In the past as an organization we’ve kind of skirted the heavy stuff, but last year we finally had an entire session on female airplay. We didn’t solve anything, but we brought it to the floor. Since then the racism in country music thing has been bubbling under. These two artists took control of this and said they want to talk about it. They are the male and female leaders in the format right now, and they don’t want to avoid it; they want to step right in. I applaud that.”


  8. 1 hour ago, Drew said:

    I don't know Morgan as a person and certainly CMT and other folks are within their rights to take what actions they see fit. That said, I think society has gone off the deep end and I'm not sure I belong in this era. Yes, it was a racial slur and probably not the first time, but that in and of itself is speculation on my part as I don't know him. We've gotten to a place where you're not allowed to make a mistake, otherwise you risk your entire career being ruined and that's pretty alarming. 


    This is a culmination of "mistakes" that Morgan has been making this past year+ followed by hollow apologies and pledges to work on himself and multiple second chances. At some point your second chances run out and you have to face the consequences for your stupid actions and words you choose to use. The way I see it, this was the straw that broke the camel's back. There have been several people speaking out that work within the country community that have said there's been other "mistakes" that have been swept under the rug with this dude. This guy isn't some 20 year old fresh faced naive kid, he's 27 with a kid that's only convenient to mention when he needs a fluff piece written about him to offset some other stupid thing he did.


    His career isn't canceled, his rising mainstream almost a-list run is though. He'll still have a following, he'll still be able to release music, he'll still be able to play shows (like he has been), etc. I hope he seriously learns from this and grows as a person and gets help with any issues he has. And I really hope he has some good friends around him right now, and not the kind of friends that take pictures of you passed out drunk with vomit all around and post on social media, but real friends because this is something that could go south(er) very fast.

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  9. You're remembering mostly right. I believe they got 2 or 3 run throughs of the song. I know it was 2 for sure, 1 rehearsal and 1 was the recorded take and there were producers on with them the whole time. I want to say there was a 3rd technical run through before the others but I'm not certain on that.

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  10. I know, but what I'm saying is the reasoning they gave for shortening S18 was for the Olympics. That shouldn't change for this season, if that was the reasoning for that season.



    Why is the schedule changing this season? Is it because the Jonas Brothers are on tour?


    The Olympics made it a little shorter for us. Nobody has any idea how that will feel with fewer live shows. That’s what I’m really focused on right now, but who knows? From what we’ve been feeling thus far, it feels really great. It might seem, “Wow, this is so smart. We should do more like this.” I don’t know.

    The Voice EP Audrey Morrissey: What's New and What to Look Forward To on Season 18

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  11. 2 hours ago, disney1024 said:

    Keep in mind that S19 was different because filming was delayed by 3 weeks AND they needed to finish the season before Christmas. There's no such restriction for the Spring seasons. If they do start the season in March, they can end it in June, just like in S4. 😉 


    You keep forgetting about a major thing. Before covid hit, tptb were saying S18 was being shortened because of the Olympics that were supposed to happen last year. Those got pushed to this summer and even though it's looking like it's going to be a tough road to get them in again this year, they have to plan as though they're happening. NBC is in the same position for S20 as they were for S18. They're not going to be pushing it into June.

  12. I've been expecting them to push the filming dates like this since they've been asking (not mandating yet) productions in LA to delay filming this month if they could. Even with a skeleton crew, The Voice still has a sizeable production crew.

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  13. 1 hour ago, Vinyl said:

    With last season's recordings only on YouTube Music, is there a way to get the song directly from there? I see someone's already put them on YouTube, but I'd prefer to get them directly from the source first, if possible.


    They're all up on Apple/iTunes, Spotify, etc. now.

  14. I don't know how long it'll be, but Biden is set to give a speech at 7:30pm ET tonight and I assume (would hope that) all the networks will be carrying it. If he or the network goes over 8pm, it'll be interesting to see what they do with the beginning of the show tonight. It would be a big disadvantage to be one of the first several performances.

  15. 8 minutes ago, Blirel said:

    Personal Rankings 


    1. Desz- Genius move. Finish it up with a soft song where she doesn’t overdo it with Landslide. SO SMART. And do you hear the subtle country vibe? 


    You can tell they're using The Chicks cover of Landslide as the basis on this one, so yeah there's a subtle country vibe to it.  I hate that song in general, but I actually really like Desz singing this.

  16. Nelly has a new song out with FGL "Lil Bit". D+S have a couple new Christmas songs out too. I feel like Lauren does too, but I'm blanking on it and don't feel like looking it up.


    They made that graphic more confusing than it needed to be.

  17. 2 minutes ago, VoiceFan! said:

    Kelly and John should duet!! They’re voice would blend beautifully


    They have several times! Run Run Run on Kelly's Piece By Piece album. Re-did Baby, It's Cold Outside on John's Christmas album last year. They have a couple live versions of You Don't Know Me floating around out there too, one from the show Duets and another from one of Kelly's concerts.

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