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  1. Speaking it into existence, but if we get the one-coach-each Katie/Rose/Ricky/Jake finale that some of us are anticipating, then it'll be the first top 4 where everyone is 30 or over (now that Ricky turned 30 since his audition).
  2. The bottom 2 is definitely some combo of Marybeth/Hello Sunday/Will/Kat. If I had to guess realistically, MB and Hello Sunday get the bottom, but there's still the opportunity for others to flop tonight.
  3. I think she actually got a really great song choice for tonight. (I just think she didn't do a good job with it at all)
  4. Listening to Kat's studio... I genuinely don't understand all of the support. I'm pretty sure even I recommended this song for her on the suggestions page, but the first 30 seconds of the preview sound like such an absurd combo of breathiness and whining. It doesn't give me goosebumps, it gives me Kat's honestly Blake's worst/least deserving non-country semifinalist thus far.
  5. It's risky for sure. I love what they did with the rock-leaning instrumental in the latter half of the preview, but I'll reserve my full judgment for later tonight. Also I can't stand Bruno but Will's still getting all my votes tonight lol
  6. While we wait for Marybeth's studio... I still don't think Katie's song will land her in the middle 3. She'll get the PV. We'll get Rose or Ricky in the middle 3 even though they have great songs... all we gotta do is save em.
  7. Hello Sunday - Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing (Stevie Wonder) Jake Hoot - Desperado (The Eagles) Rose Short - I Want to Know What Love Is (Foreigner) Katie Kadan - Lady Marmalade (Labelle) Marybeth Byrd - Before He Cheats (Carrie Underwood) Will Breman - Locked Out of Heaven (Bruno Mars) Kat Hammock - Somewhere Only We Know (Keane) Ricky Duran - Let It Be (The Beatles)
  8. Imma have to save a third Voice cover of IWTKWLI aren't I... Hunter's and Chloe's are fantastic already, but Rose is going to take it to yet another level.
  9. Rose Short - I Want to Know What Love Is Hello Sunday - Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing
  10. Ricky Duran - Let It Be Kat Hammock - Somewhere Only We Know Will Breman - Locked Out of Heaven
  11. I highkey forgot the show was on tomorrow lol I don't think we're getting studios for the duets, right?
  12. After the whole Gabrielle Union/AGT/Simon Cowell fiasco, I think pushing a Rose win would be somewhat beneficial for them. :whistling:
  13. This is what I've felt since lives began, but it's not too horrific to make me absolutely complain. She's simply never had a truly good performance for me, although strangely, I don't think I've heard her deliver anything close to a trainwreck. Even in the earlier rounds where people called it "angelic" or "soothing," I found it breathy and difficult to listen to. Honestly, she'd have been home a long time ago if she were on any team but Blake.
  14. Side note that I forgot to mention a couple weeks ago, My best friend doesn't watch the Voice but knows that I do. Anyways, he asked me a couple weeks ago if I was watching this season and if I knew somebody named Will because I guess a good friend of his went up to SLO for a weekend like a bit over a month ago (this was before lives started) and saw a "cool guy" named Will perform at a brewery or pub or something and obviously it was him. He said his friend spoke to Will briefly and said he was super nice and funny (as if we didn't already know lol) but I think he also got a copy of his EP then and there, too. Not too important, but hearing about their interaction and seeing that Will's legit a chill, humble dude in real life helped make my decision to root for him as my fave even easier. And now the boi made semifinals!
  15. In my opinion, odds to make the finale: Jake: 100% Katie: 100% Rose: 95% (if for some reason TPTB don't want her in the top 3... she'll be in the middle, but will most likely win save) Ricky: 95% (same as Rose) Kat: 5% (the only person I feel has a realistic shot of potentially pulling an upset) Marybeth: 2.5% (don't think she's a threat, but she's more likely to get saved than Will or HS) Will: 2.49% (he's not a threat, but hasn't landed in the bottom yet so there may be some quiet fanbase in Team Minivan?) Hello Sunday: .01% (Not getting top 3, will flop if by some chance they land in the middle 3)
  16. I wouldn't say she was really thrown to the wolves. The wolves were always there and instead of doing anything to avoid them and move herself to higher ground, she stayed put where she was with okay performances until the wolves finally caught her because so many others had moved up. Her save performance was her final leap to safety and they got Joana and Shane instead.
  17. I've accepted that barring a myracle ( ), Will's 99.99% done next week. They already have their ideal top 4 set with Jake, Rose, Katie, and Ricky - and whoever doesn't make the top 3 there will be in the middle 3. At best, Will can make the middle 3, but it's a steep battle for him to get more votes than any one of those 4 who land in the middle with him (plus whoever would be in the middle from Kat, Marybeth, and Hello Sunday). Be proud of Will! He kicked butt and was authentically himself for several weeks, and his type of music doesn't usually get this far on shows like this. Even with the greatest possible song choice for Will, whatever that may be, anyone outside of Jake/Rose/Katie/Ricky is a long shot. I'm inclined to say that Kat might sneak in for Ricky if they both land in the middle, but she's been dull and I don't think that'll get her votes in a middle 3 save over the desired top 4, same with Marybeth.
  18. Katie/Rose - If we don't get this, I'm suing. Will/Ricky - Maybe an interesting rock hit? Marybeth/Jake - Country duet? Hello Sunday/Kat - leftovers/young girl, probably a poppish duet?
  19. I do agree that this is probably the furthest Will's gonna go, just based on who's been pimped this whole time, but I am BEYOND THRILLED that Will made it this far, and he's up against some vocal beasts, so I can't even be too disappointed if he goes home next week. I do think that he's a very likely candidate for the middle 3. If he can keep up the momentum from this week and outperform Hello Sunday and be more memorable than Marybeth, he'll get there. His hurdles are the fact that he's gonna face at least one of Katie, Rose, Jake, and Ricky in the middle 3 - so he's gonna have to rob one of them in the middle 3 if he makes it. That being said, I'm BEYOND proud of our blueboi/Oscar's Papa/50% of BreHall! He's absolutely left his mark on the show. Not everyone gets him or appreciates his abilities (we all read the other threads lol), but he's undoubtedly one of the most artistically gifted, unique contestants of the season. :w00t:
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