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  1. Why did they give him that spot? Really they all know he didn’t need it!! I’m still annoyed about putting Katie first!! They gave Ricky the Let it be Gift at a good time slot. They gave Hoot the closing with a great cross over. They gave Rose a great cross over appeal song at the likely best slot! Why did they stick Katie first??? Why??
  2. Based on sticking her first 2x in a 3 week period!!! Based on they want an exciting singer in the M3? I don’t know but I hope to vote as long as I can for Katie and ONLY KATIE tonight!!
  3. Solos: 1-Katie BEYOND AWESOME!! Exceeded my expectations- We have watched on the 75 inch screen 4 times during the show. All the way to HEAVEN with that AWESOMENESS!! even if stuck her at 8pm- We rewound and played her 3 times so far! 2-Ricky- It was Excellent and I was never a fan of his-Piano Guitar combo was so good! 3-Rose-Pretty and smooth 4-Jake-Very Smooth 5-Marybeth 6-Hello Sunday 7-Will 8-Kat ________ Duets: Katie and Rose-What can I say. That was SOO FUN!! Jake and Marybeth- Very nice Ricky and Will- Fun with the strings HS and Kat- It was okay.
  4. My next favorite is Marybeth!! <3 And i liked John’s support!
  5. My Mother was dancing with her broken leg in her wheelchair to our girl Katie is asking me to rewind and play Katie Again!! I said next break. Lol <3 <3
  6. I can’t stop dreaming of Katie’s Awesome Show!! I mean performance!! More more more more more. She’s in her own PLANET!!! That’s why they put her so early bc next to her everyone pales. I’m sorry but it’s true. I don't care what happened, but she is a FORCE to be RECKONED!!! I <3 KATIE!!
  7. Loved KATIE!!!! We were all jumping up and down!! All you haters, I’m Sorry but I cant wait to watch this song over and over and over again!! Only disappointment was she went first!! I can’t believe they gave her the opener again!!! What are they trying to see how well she floats if they keep pushing? Katie lovers, lets take her to the top!!
  8. Thanks. So playing a bought song on Apple Music is pointless. So if i renew sub, i should not buy the song until I’ve at least streamed it 10x?
  9. Question- If i buy Katie’s song and stream it on Apple Music (without renewing my subscription), does it count toward the streams? Or do I have to renew Apple Music? I already can stream her other songs on Apple Music that I bought on iTunes, but not sure they are counting as a stream for most streamed. Please if someone knows. Thanks.
  10. He seems like a nice guy and a very smooth singer. But he is not that exciting and doesn’t do anything for me to be considered “THE VOICE.” I cannot understand what kind of superstrong fan base he has that his song is up there already! I just can’t make sense of it, even with all the HUGE Country music base. Its scary.
  11. Please don’t let your guards down. Vote, stream vote stream vote and vote and stream again!! Katie!! Let’s get this done right for her!!! No rest till you get her a ton of votes and streams!!
  12. I’m with you!! And love your page Katie sketch pic.
  13. Katie Marybeth Rose Jake Will Kat Ricky Hello Sunday
  14. YEs it over 1.1!! Tells me we cant get enough of it! Hope it means great things for Katie...
  15. I don’t think so... John loves his girl Katie, and she is loved by the majority of watchers.. Only polarizing to a few hateful people (meaning out in the general public).
  16. Katie ROCKS AND RULES!! Long live Queen Katie!!
  17. It’s ridiculous!! Love Katie!
  18. John shows his excitement when he really likes an artist, you cannot blame him for that. As far as standing on the last songs he stood for Katie because her song was an exciting song to stand up for. Will was also a jumping up and down song, and MaryBeth’s song was more of a tender song that you don’t stand, you watch. Buy I still I think he’s a good coach he takes his time, he shows enthusiasm (like Kelly) and works with their talents) I agree! He’s a great coach and only one still with 3!! I LOVE JOHN! Such a distinguished and elegant man as a coach. Ultimately Katie is
  19. Yes, other than last night the last two weeks they deliberately drowned her out. Pathetic. She is up there ask one fo the best voices period.
  20. I think the problem is Marybeth is good, but that means John Legend has too many people still strong. I think they are trying to weaken his team and spread the wealth. imo Katie is the Best of ALL (not into Will, but I understand he has an appeal). If you watch John, he never really pushed Marybeth, but he stands the whole time for his other two. But No way Kat is anywhere that good to still be around. She butchered one of my favorite songs (Shania Twain) and I don't say that lightly. If I had my choice, it would be Katie, Marybeth, Hoot or Ricky and Rose (but I don't think Marybeth h
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