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  1. Oh and Ricky Duran has a clip on IG live where Ellen has the clip of his Blinds with a Blake Interview. Hmmm more fuel to my nerves for Katie the Awesome Lady! And please lets stop talking about prior contestants so much. Don’t we have enough to discuss this season?
  2. And this one is my favorite. I know I posted it elsewhere, but her fans should see this! https://www.instagram.com/p/BqvhGxunugw/?ut...g_web_copy_link
  3. I’m posting this IG clip here too so you guys/gals can see another side of Katie! I know they did this last season, but I would love this to be her Finale! https://www.instagram.com/p/BqvhGxunugw/?ut...g_web_copy_link
  4. For sure!! That’s the song people identify with Chloe! Its what woke people up to her! Its her signature song. I also think there was a little Miley jealousy because people kept comparing them and she didn’t want none of that. That literally will go down in history as the dumbest most idiotic Knockout decision anyone ever made. Probably up there with historical ones like the Trojan Horse.
  5. Yes i saw their video last night and then stumbled upon this gem of a quickie, and i cant stop looping it. Do they ever repeat on season after the next? It was Battles so not late in the game? Maybe bc it was the winner they wont use it again. But man, a pureness with the vulnerability of this song send chills. if she did a real cover of this the game would be over. I don’t say that lightly bc i am nervous of HOOTs streams. But this would take away my nerves! All the people who rudely call her a screamer (which to me she is not as I never was into beloved so called screamers in the pas
  6. I hope she sings this. This was her messing around without even knowing all the words using her iPad. Imagine this cleaned up!! I can dream! <3 https://www.instagram.com/p/BqvhGxunugw/?ut...g_web_copy_link
  7. Let’s hope so. I’m still concerned with all the Streams for Jake, who appears to be a nice guy with a really nice voice. But... Katie is the one I want, so I hope the Social media stats here make the difference to push her to win!! Thanks again for your stats!!
  8. Honestly thank you for your time on the stats. For me, I prefer your other post with the simple numbers of Total Views Likes and comments. I think in the end that is the best indicator! All the rest is to show the details of statistics within that subset of viewers but I think the simple 3 rankings (View, Likes, Comments) says it all. Thank you for giving us both and the serious time it took!!
  9. Thanks. I guess i didn’t catch the no order this time.
  10. Let’s hope she gets AWESOME Songs. I’m excited! I wish they’d drop some crumbs for us to play with. That’s a cute title for her “Katie the Lady.” Could be a Show name.
  11. Does anyone know if being Katie being called first means she got the most votes? Usually he says “In no particular order.” I didn't hear Carson say that. So please let me know if you know for sure. Thanks
  12. I’m excited and nervous. Haven’t seen hints being given anywhere. Only that she’s working on something new, which is likely the original. I wonder since she has her own album if they would work on one of her songs. Also did you listen to the diggity song I posted? Pretty cool.
  13. I don’t know any hints or thoughts? :shifty:
  14. Watch this with Katie. So damn good.
  15. I think this is soo cool! Katie the Queen Kadan!!
  16. Right now the names that stick out for me are: Katie Kadan Chloe Kohanski Amy Vachal Korin Bukowski
  17. Yeah lots more, and really marketed for reals!! <3 <3
  18. Except for the scary comments I read here, Katie has always dominated in all social media! And as far as my family is concerned, we LOVED her last NIGHT!!! LOVED LOVED LOVED!! It was SASS to the SASS MAX POWER of SASS!! And in her interview last night regarding her favorite moment on the show, she said it was when she turned around in Lady Marmalade and said “se sois.” LOVING KATIE and will be so sad when it’s OVER! I hope she will be one we can continue to see and hear!!
  19. SOOOOOOO HAPPYYYYYYY!!!!! <3 <3 <3 I almost fainted!! I screamed so hard and the dogs almost strewed fighting!! At least we didn’t have to wait half way!
  20. I screamed and jumped so hard when they called Katie I almost broke a dog fight in my house!!! <3 <3 :
  21. I hope the stats for Katie are right. But considering she was first slot 2 of the past 3 weeks, I don't understand why she couldn’t go close to last or somewhere in the better slots? But, I will hope that the only singer that truly excites me this year will make it through. I hope the social Media Stats that Team Audra referenced will be enough. I Just don't get the pimping of Jake when he clearly doesn’t need it. Don’t know what they know that we don’t. All I know is I need Katie in PV1-3 or I will faint. I’m already woozy waiting.
  22. I’m sorry that was not her worst performance at all. Many of us loved it and keep watching it. However, they slotted her at the worst time, and gave other top contenders popular purchase/streaming songs and MUCH better Slots. Dear Lord, like Ricky needed “Let it Be,” a gift of the highest magnitude. And Rose was given a great cross over song second before last which is like the best slot to boot. Then Jake, lets not talk about his cross over songs but most of all closing out? So they handicapped the heck out of katie (which is exactly what they did). Hoping she pulls through in PV (to TO
  23. I’m not a casual and I’m voting for her like CRAZY!!! Hopefully enough of the country does too!! She is different and total exciting. She rocked my house and we couldn’t get enough. That’s what makes a winner! Anything short of that is good, but to be spectacular, you have rock it like this Phenom!! I’m glad you at least see what many of us ADORE! I hope it’s enough after getting opener!
  24. Me too. I can’t believe i have to be nervous. And its only because they are so clearly trying to help other artists that without a push couldn’t beat Katie (yes without a push- betters lots, easy songs for iTunes, etc).
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