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  1. Is that amount of streams? Link please?
  2. Katie original #5! https://kworb.net/charts/itunes/us.html
  3. Oh, but it also hurts Katie bc he is doing very well.
  4. I have not been a huge Ricky fan, but I think his Original was good. We like it and we don’t usually like his style of music. Why did all 4 judges stand for Ricky, and Kelly didn't stand for Rose’s single, and Only Gwen and John stood for Katie?? I smell a rat! Not to mention 3 judges got to speak for Ricky and only 2 for Katie!
  5. Well I think that Katie Cover came out so much better than I expected!! So I’m excited again. Just don't like the positioning. Yay GO KATIE Go!! <3 <3
  6. WTF!!! Why are they making Katie go now? So unfair!!
  7. Yes the words at the end are not dust to dust eat my dust. My Katie is nervous. Pray for her! Yes you can can Katie!! Come on, you’re Katie the Greatie!
  8. I’m hoping that’s a good indicator. Please...
  9. I agree. Even though he has a head start, they didn’t give Katie any slam dunk songs to say those will for sure chart high. TBH not digging. But i will go with the flow bc its just a show and in 2 years it wont matter!!
  10. I really would love Katie to win. She is the only reason I watched the Voice the whole season! That being said, I am resigned to Jake in first and Ricky/Rose in second. Strange yes. Even Go Derby has Ricky winning! Geez. BORING! Maybe I’m too harsh even on myself when something big is happening, but the people who criticize Katie screams too much will now have more crap to justify their crap. Now in the past i think all her emphasis was not screaming and awesome! I would defend her on social media. But the original is a lot of screaming. I’m so upset that that is the kind of original they g
  11. They are pimping Jake too much to say its to help Rose come in second. If they put Jake and Rose at the end again, then we know who they want in first and second.
  12. He hasn’t done anything to promote her. Blake brought up Ricky on Ellen, Kelly is tweeting and posting like crazy, Gwen tries, but John, NADA? Its like he has no connection to the contestants outside of the show itself. It is annoying and I like him. But I don't like this side where he doesn’t promote his people. Katie withthe wrid songs, and no promotion. Honestly, they are doing everything to give it to KELLY for her Show IMO.
  13. Any doubt as to who TPTB want to win this season have been put the rest. Now I have a question. If all that streaming and buying is happening now, will it count for the cumulative vote? Normally the song must be streamed after 8.
  14. I’m not into most of the song choices for anyone. It’s the least exciting some choice in years. However I do agree Jake got the best song. I think even Rose didn’t get bad songs. What they did to Katie is beyond my understanding. Someone commented that maybe the contestants don’t want to win, and while I could see that as a possibility for an established person who wants to maybe take off running with her foundation. I cannot imagine anyone giving up the hundred thousand dollars. This leads me to believe TBTB are behind the song choices. Kelly just got a brand new talkshow, they want to promot
  15. Great! Please post that clip everywhere you can on her Page, YouTube, IG, FB, Twitter. I did, but we need it repeated. Thanks
  16. My understanding is they all count all this time. All those who want Katie to win, please go to Apple Music and stream her 4 Live songs 10 times for at least 30 SECONDS. This counts up to 10 votes. Please do this. She needs every Vote. Hoot has had highest streams so we really need to push Katie over the top. Please Stream like crazy!! From NBC VOICE “Go to www.apple.co/TheVoice for more information. Streaming Eligible Song(s) any time from 5:00 p.m. PT, Monday, November 18, 2019 to 4:00 a.m. PT, Tuesday, December 17, 2019 will count toward the Cumulative Vote Total for each artis
  17. Definitely on the Edge. I want to be optimistic, but I cannot ignore Jake’s streaming following and even comments i read. But I do hope there are more Katie Fanatics based on her Fans on Twitter, IG, FB. But on edge for sure. Ummmmm ummmm need to pop some calming gummies. Lol
  18. I did, but I hear you. Not your typical song to listen to.
  19. You know I’m a die hard Katie fan, but if her fan base is stronger, why are his iTunes better?
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