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  1. 2 hours ago, WillisCurtis96 said:

    https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=now 4-H&geo=US&q=DesZ,Jim Ranger,Carter Rubin,%2Fm%2F012ngj9s,Ian Flanigan

     Carter Rubin Outrended by Jim Ranger!!!!!! Are we headed for an upset????? CMON JIM WIN THIS!


    I hope Jim wins. I was an extreme Chloe Kohanski fan, and to me he sings like she did in the show, from the depth of his heart and soul. I know he doesn’t seem like their most exciting person, but truly when he sings it’s magical!!

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  2. And? He was the most streamed artist consecutively for a reason, amassed a fervent fanbase, and they remained loyal to what he brought to the table. This is what a record label can capitalize on with the right songs that taps into the fanbase.


    The last few winners didn't have anywhere near that and were not likely to dent the marketplace, even with the right songs.


    Chloe was downloaded a lot during iTunes days and places high often even with all her songs. She had a huge fan base of all types of people, and huge SM. What did they do for her???


    i don't want to derail the thread so i'm gonna end with this, someone always says some thing like this and then nothing happens - and jake is not even close to what the previous winners were able to accomplish itunes/social media/etc.-wise (and they had larger audiences)...



  3. Nah, the thing they wanted badly was all four coaches in the finale. Carson mentioned that several times. They also obviously wanted to prevent Gwen from being humiliated by being locked out of the finale once again.


    Beyond that, I don’t think they really cared.


    I don’t agree that they didn’t care. There is no doubt that Katie did not get the same prime spots as the other 3 contestants in the past 4-5 weeks. That is always done to hurt a contestant. Also, there is no way one would think that the soft ballad Katie would sing would be a soft rock (that only charted bc it was Katie and she can slay the phone book). In what planet has she sung soft rock on this show? When they want to help a singer, they give them prime charting songs like they gave Ricky “Let it Be,” or Jake “Desperado.” And of all the Finale Originals, you think its a fluke Ricky got the best song? No I’m sorry, I’m not a conspiracy nut, but I can see evidence when it is presented and see the facts unfold as they did. The fact that many of us were thinking Katie would no longer win in the past week based on songs and show slots is further confirmation (and the corresponding outcome) that this is what was planned by TPTB.


    It would explain a lot. Like why Blake came up with a lame excuse to explain why he didn't turn for Jake (he's turned for much worse), why nobody else turned, why Blake got rid of all of his country artists one way or the other, why he waited for the semis to finally give Ricky a competition-friendly song, why Katie got songs that would invariably make people call her screamer, why she never got the pimp spot after the POs, why she opened twice, why the wtf covers in the finals for Katie and Ricky. Meanwhile Jake was getting competition-friendly songs the whole time and racking up bonuses. The votes showed Rose was no threat, so a second pimp spot couldn't hurt. Did I forget anything?


    Wow, I couldn’t have said it better myself!! Well said! :thumbs::thumbs:


  4. Sad finish for her. I sure didn't expect this. :(



    So sad!! Way too many NBC shenanigans. Death spots almost weekly, finale songs while she did great with what she was given, were not great songs just to guarantee she’s doesn’t win. They really did try everything. I saw it and i said it before. I am a diehard Katie fan, but i aid it couple days ago- that they were trying to sabotage her.


    I hope to see great things soon!! She said she wasn’t a Partridge Family Tour Bus, lets hope!


    i wish he posted this before the finale for some more exposure!!



    Yes I wish too!!


    QUEEN WAS ROBBED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(



    This is what you call highway robbery of the loaded semi with machine guns!! They really made sure to cripple her at the end!


    True, they haven't given her one pimp spot and made her open twice.


    Either they are bussing her for another Kelly win or Katie won this since the Playoffs.



    Definitely bussed her. Queen Kelly (Whom I love( need a win to boast her talk show!!


    (!) (!) (!) (!) (!) (!)



    Did you say her self title album was #54? I=lets keep posting on IG, FB and Twitter for people to buy it! I did. Let’s help Katie!


    Her self title Album is now #43!!!!!!!


    Woa! How many purchases is that, do you know?

  5. If John was actually the one who picked her songs, especially in the semis and the finals, without TPTB threatening him one way or the other, then he's 100% responsible for Katie's 3rd place. Tragic, unforgivable song choices. :rolleyes:


    Yes whoever was picking her songs was really trying to handicap her, no question about it. She still did great with whatever she was given, but she would’ve done supreme with better songs. Not sure who was behind it, but it was no accident!


  6. Screaming doesn't help get casual votes. She screamed a lot more than usual last night.


    Well duh... they purposely gave her songs that would rank her low. I mean how on earth were either of those two finale songs anywhere in Katie’s wheelhouse. Go to her IG/YouTube and you can see her do soft POPULAR songs for real. “Shallow,” “When We Were Young” etc. They death spotted her 3 weeks, and then gave her crap for the finale and bad spots again in the finale. Yes she did great with them, but NO WHERE NEAR WHERE SHE WOULD HAVE BEEN had they given her REAL KATIE style or helpful songs.

    For whatever reason TBTH ][did not want Katie to win. Giving Ricky that best single and then John saying everyone go stream it had to be some kind of an extra indication. And I said it the other day they wanted Kelly to win because of her show. Maybe I’m wrong, but hey the NBC family wants to promote itself, and what better way than for her show to say that she’s the winner of the Voice!! And the only way to FURTHER handicap Katie was to give Ricky a boost for the Finale while whacking her so that she can’t get on Jake’s coattails, since I firmly believe she wold have passed him with more popular and softer songs.


    C’est la vie, Que sera sera...


    I hope to see her do something special with her talent that will be HUGE!!

  7. She'll have three of the worst wins in the history of the show...she should be very proud :haha:


    I definitely agree. Brynn was so mediocre. Chevel was Top 4 but not The Voice (and I had her on my fake Team), and Hoot, well he is the best of her 3, but still not what I would call The VOICE. No versatility. They made my Katie sing all different styles of songs!!

    Still gonna hold 10% hope!

  8. All of y’all focusing on finale superstition and not the fact that Katie just didn’t amazing with Adam lol!

    So far I think her duet was the best! <3 :wub: <3 But i am secretly weeping that she went first and even since yesterday I knew things were going to be hard. maybe putting her first is also for her psyche so she is prepped too since they’ve been filling her head with front runner stuff. At least this way she can brace herself. I am still hopeful but trying to prepare myself.

  9. I don't even recognize the guy in the hat

    He was the best of the 4. You heard him best and nicest sound IMO. He is Katies closest pal on the show. They were in all the IG lives together. I think Rose is next.


    I don't even recognize the guy in the hat

    He was the best of the 4. You heard him best and nicest sound IMO. He is Katies closest pal on the show. They were in all the IG lives together. I think Rose is next.

  10. Found this, but not sure how reliable this is bc I don't trust goldderby:




    We can report the following results: Jake Hoot from Team Kelly Clarkson registered enough sales to have earned the Apple Music Bonus for the third week running with his performances of the winner’s single “Better Off Without You” and cover of “Amazed.”


    So if true, who got the bonus last week since we know he got it twice before last week? Something doesn't add up.


    I thought the duets Don’t COUNT? Also that doesn’t match put streaming for the songs.?


    Based on http://digitalsalesdata.com/diydsd.php?Region=143441 Ricky goes into the Finale with at least 17k vote lead. How does Katie beat that? I can see Jake because of the cumulative, but please tell me how Katie does? Do you think the physical votes are 20-30k more based on SM? Does anyone know how many actual votes are usually counted for all categories in past years? I.e. 50k, 200k 1 million etc. when you add Apple and votes what does it usually amount to so i can see if Katie can pass this lead.

  11. i wonder if this was her instant save song, cause it looked rehearsed already


    Good point... Could be. Supposedly they all have to have one.


    But man, that song in the finally. I got chill bumps and in a live show fashion would have been earth shattering. I also love the clip of her “When We Were Young.” Those are the type of songs I would have preferred. I mean she did great with what they gave her, but I do they they deliberately tried to handicap her for whatever reason. Always with early spots, and non-Katie like songs for the finale that aren’t really “Oh I have to have that song type of songs.” But she did them better than anyone i can imagine and she stayed them. But i wish they gave her super charting songs.


  12. Agreed, it really doesn't matter. It's a show. All four will have the careers that they are meant to have.


    I’m a diehard Katie fan, but your words are very true. Win or not, all will have the career they are meant to have. They’ve done what they can to be recognized and now its them, desire and fate.

  13. It's an estimate of Itunes Sales



    Thank you.


    Well not only has Ricky moved to #1, but his streaming is doubled the next song and even more than Katie’s.


    Wow. He could pull that off with a x4 of whatever he gets! I don’t know why Legend told people to stream his song. Yeah take votes away from Jake, but look Katie’s original is next in line since duets don’t count.

    Why didn’t John say vote and stream any of Katie’s songs?

    Whatever, I can’t go too crazy over this.

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