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  1. It shows Delta talking to producers about just not being able to choose a winner, my guess is she takes both artists through without declaring a winner with that counting as her last save.
  2. Tonight's episode had some great moments! Stellar and Matt were fantastic, Stellar just solidified her position as a frontrunner and my personal favorite this season Siala and Despina were amazing! George with the A+ songchoice, glad both of them are through. Claudia and Maddy were so nervous but there were some lovey moments there, and Delta's really bringing it with the songchoices this season. Roxane properly ate Ricky alive, and Bo'Ness were adorable tbh lol The Old Town Road thing... was a mess. Guy's team's a mess. And the promo for next week showed it's Matt vs. Janie we know already both of them are most likely through, but I really hope they both stay on Delta's team. But between them and Jesse vs. Steve, I can see Delta's moment of just not being able to choose a winner being for either one of these battles. (And both Matt and Jesse confirmed they're on next Sunday)
  3. So Delta posted a picture with her team on instagram and tagged everyone... except Callum LMAO
  4. LMAOOO okay I was giving Guy the benefit of the doubt this season but he's officially still trash
  5. I didn't expect to like Virginia vs. Clarissa as much as I did but I loved it! I would give it to Clarissa personally. Stephanie was better than I remember, didn't really care for the others tbh. And I totally stand with Kelly and Delta on this one, I already disliked Guy but not being able to listen to the other's criticism here was just plain disrespectul, poor Bukhu. Also, from the episode intro we could see for a moment another pairing for Kelly, Chris vs. Sapphire.
  6. He's there as well! Their battle probably ended up with a steal/save.
  7. Looks like Chris Sebastian, Jesse Teinaki, Elishia, Mark Furze and Alex Weybury are also in Sidney
  8. So I was doing some digging and found this: It's a cafe in Sidney, they posted it 12 hours ago and it matches up with the people we know are there already, so Wolf, Graeme and Siala are also there. Three days ago Sebastian Coe also posted a picture with Adam in Sidney LMAO so I guess he's there as well? And by Claudia's instagram stories it doesn't look like she's in Sidney...
  9. And Jimi's lumberjack/plaid dress LMAOOOO SLAY KWEEN
  10. It's from the end of the episode I watched online here. Something interesting here is that it shows Guy saying "the person I'm taking to the playoffs is..." so maybe the next round will be playoffs after all, unless they edit it out.
  11. This also confused me, so I watched the preview I took the screenshots from again Claudia's outfit Elishia's outfit They're definitely similar, but I still think it's Elishia battling Graeme, in the choreography bit the girl's clothes don't really look shiny/sparkly, and Elishia's pants match the ones here:
  12. Hopping into the prediction bandwagon: Team Delta Graeme vs. Elishia (confirmed) Stellar vs. Steve - powerful and emotional voices, this would be a great battle tbh Janie vs. Matt G. - both have distinctive tones and similar styles Matt E. vs. Callum - frontman vs... entertainer? lmao Jesse vs.Maddy - they performed songs of a similar style in the blinds, both can have subtle moments but also can hit them high notes Claudia vs.Emmagen - one is folk and the other country, I can see Delta picking a middle ground song for them Team George Virginia vs. Clarissa (confirmed?) Angela vs Roxane - big voiced ladies! Despina vs. Sebastian - both occupy the same young pop artist lane on the team Caleb vs. Nathan - similar dramatic performers with kinda similar voices Siala vs. Jonathon - maybe George could pull a Denzel vs Henry 2.0? lmao idk Ricky vs. Andy - it will be interesting to see how Andy will do with his battle and tbh I can see him going against almost anyone Team Kelly Masha vs. Emma - Emma and Ella are the only ones on team kelly that can maybe match Masha's voice, and I think Emma's is more in her style Alex vs. Mason - both have an understated style with softer-storytelling voices Chris vs. Ella - I can see them performing a ballad with some big moments Mark vs. Charlie - Charlie leans more towards pop but he's still the closest thing to rock in this team besides Mark Sapphire vs. Lyric - these last two pairings are interchangeable amongst them I guess?? and this made more sense than Lyric vs Soma or Bo'Ness Soma vs. Bo'ness - the reason above Team Guy Johnny vs. Bukhu (confirmed) Stephanie vs. Kirby (confirmed?) Timothy vs. Luke - Timothy is basically a superior version of Luke tbh Adam vs. Josh - them guys with rockish voices Elyse vs. Natalie - both pop girls Wolf vs. Jimi vs. Xy - idk if it's cofirmed but from the last episode of blinds it seems like Wolf has to be in the 3-way battle? Wolf and Jimi makes sense to me but god only knows how xy fits into this lmao The teams after blinds for me stand as Delta > George > Guy > Kelly, but I think they're pretty balanced and all have potential to end up as a really strong 3/4 artists.
  13. From the end of episode promo: Graeme vs Elishia doing some heavy choreography This one is Kirby vs Stephanie I believe?
  14. This tbh. Last season Guy also had the strongest team post-binds, then made a bunch of terrible choices and ended up with an average ass team for the finals
  15. ~Theory time lol So every season Delta follows some of her artists on instagram, and they're usually her finalists and a couple of others, ig: last season the ones she followed were her final four, the koi boys (who she invited to tour with her) and the girls she played piano for in the knockouts. rn she follows Jessie, Stellar, Janie, Matt Evans, Claudia and Elishia. Janie and Stellar she followed right after their blinds aired, then followed Claudia, Matt and Elishia after Claudia's audition. She was already following Jessie before the season begun, so it must've been during the tapings, since she didn't follow him last season. ofc this doesn't mean anything concrete, but if I had to make an educated guess I would say these are probably (if not all, some of) her battle winners
  16. YESS at The Veronicas stepping in to help Aside from being awesome humans they were great when they coached The Madden's team for a week on season 5, and tbh I still jam to Untouched to this day lmao In a perfect world they would be oficial coaches on the show
  17. Caleb was great! Reminded me of why he was a favorite of mine in that tragic season 4, and he's improved as well Alex didn't really change anything up in the song but he's got a great tone! Maddy has potencial but she's probably going to get lost in the mix on Delta's team unfortunately, I don't see her making it past next round unless another coach steals her. Soma was... very weird. Yeah I didn't like that at all Aside from Caleb this episode was very meh tbh.
  18. It's from the end of today's episode! I don't know if we can post these links but this site has links to watch/download the episodes a couple hours after it airs: https://spectroworld.com/episodes/the-voice-australia-season-9-episode-4/
  19. From tomorrow's preview I could only recognize Caleb Jago-Ward, and looks like Delta's getting blocked from getting him
  20. Masha had impecable vocals but I guess I expected a little more? They used the song's climax so much on promos that when she actually did it I didn't find it that impressive I guess lol but glad Kelly got a contender. Don't really care for rappers or musical theater on the show but I guess Siala and Kirby were decent. And personally I found Immagen to be very annoying and green, but that's to be expected from a 12yo lmao Delta needs some fodder anyway. The Matts were my personal favorites tonight! Team Delta is still my favorite by a decent mile.
  21. Yeah I don't see him pulling a Sam either, but it will be interesting to see how he progresses and what songs he will sing
  22. I thought I had seen guy's chair lit up but you're right my bad
  23. I think Sebastian turned Guy too
  24. I looved jesse but I may be a little bias since he was a favorite of mine from last season, and lmao at team delta being all my favs and bukhu... was not my cup of tea
  25. Oh wow never thought I'd see a topic about the voice australia here, it's definitely my favorite franchise and I usually watch it by myself lol Stellar and Janie are my favs so far, and looking foward to Jesse coming back tomorrow
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