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  1. Already so much better than last night tbh Team Delta has TASTE. Jesse is coming for that semifinal spot. And I think Siala's is an original? based on what we heard from the preview at least.
  2. I just realized they spoiled the people moving foward on instagram, they posted on their stories the artists' after performance comments right after they performed, but only of the four that went through lmao
  3. ugh Mark was so average but Kelly had her mind set from the beginning, Despina deserved better and Matt and Stephanie were literally the best ones on team guy, what a joke lmao please Delta and Boy George save us from this mess
  4. So aside from Despina it's looking like a pretty zzzzzzzzz night for me I like Chris and Alex but those songchoice are plain uninspired, Matt's song is kind of weird but maybe he can put his spin on it? And Timothy at least is changing things up I guess. If Kelly doesn't take Despina through I'm personally canceling her
  5. for me is less that he's playing it safe and more that I think that song is trash tbh lmao but yeah Kelly ain't letting him go, not in showdowns at least.
  6. okay I'm sorry Kelly lmao Alex and Chris can go tbh
  7. Chris is Attention by Chalie Puth, Alex is Drops of Jupiter by Train, Kelly's songchoices are the complete opposite of Delta's Johnny I think is singing Before I Go by Guy and Siala I believe is singing another original? which sounds fantastic
  8. Clarissa singing Uprising by Muse is why Delta has TASTE.
  9. thank you lord for this juicy preview of next week
  10. I checked everyone to see if they were still taping something but looks like they all flew back home already ig Stellar, Jesse, Chris and some others.
  11. So Delta used her save on Steve after that mess of a battle? ugh I love Steve but that was rough man Jesse did what he could and rightfully won but that save should have been for Janie and Matt ffs Delta
  12. That basically always happens when they make duos lmao when Jessie J put the sisters together in season 5 they were out right in the next round, same for Luke and Tannah last season, so I honestly don't know what to expect
  13. I believe everyone is home already, unless they eliminated most frontrunners in the playoffs lol
  14. Ugh this duo thing is a mess, they were basically pressured into doing it I would rather one of them be eliminated tbh Delta you were doing so good this season, it was too good to be true
  15. Out of the people on tonight Matt, Janie, Jesse and Chris were in Sidney as far as we know, so, unless there were saves involved, Jesse and Chris most likely won their battles.
  16. Caleb and Andy are doing Bohemian Rapsody, I'm so here for Caleb curb stomping Andy
  17. I believe last week's promos were more for the battles as a whole, so they showed some pairings from this week as well. But that's an interesting theory, and since Ella/Masha will be on monday there's still hope for another one of Sapphire/Steve? just please god don't let it be sebastian
  18. Chris and Sapphire with titaniumzzzzzzzz
  19. Delta's songchoices are just *chef's kiss* Lover is kind of an interesting song for Matt and Janie tho, looking foward to what they do with it that makes Delta so torn between them.
  20. Sebastian had said in a comment he was on sunday, but yesterday someone asked him when he was on and he said monday, so I guess he got it wrong the first time lmao
  21. I honestly can't see them becoming a duo, even if they sound great together in the battle they have such different individual styles that I don't think would match enough for them to become a single act. But maybe this is just me being in denial And I don't think the picture with Graeme means anything other than they being friends tbh.
  22. Masha and Ella are singing Respect by Aretha, Masha the queen of them super overdone songs And the sets for the playoffs are looking great!
  23. what are the chances they show all the remaining saves in only one episode tho
  24. So the people who confirmed their battle day on social media so far: Sunday Matt vs. Janie Jesse vs. Steve Josh vs. Jimi Sebastian vs. Nathan Monday Adam vs. Elyse Timothy vs. Luke Mark vs. Emma Emmagen vs. Callum
  25. Watch them use a save on Sebastian Coe lmao
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