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  1. Hello Sunday at this rate could be middle 3 in the semi finals.... i could see Mary Beth and Will being instantly eliminated
  2. Max' falsetto needs to be a lot stronger imo if he is gonna keep using it in all his songs....
  3. Gwen would have turned one chair for herself (Blake) and then be eliminated in the battles :x
  4. never said he isn't good.. just musically he is probably the least respected/popular among all judges that's ever been on the show.. even Miley has a higher profile and name recognition than him
  5. Nick Jonas is probably the least respected/accomplished judge they ever brought on the panel... He is a replacement to Usher/Adam Levine/Pharell .... seems like a mismatch to me
  6. Voting is on the APP .. gracee is definitely winning easily now
  7. wow Kyndal was AT LEAST 4th out of 5... that surprised me..
  8. Gwen just ended her season early yet again lol... Kyndall imo was final potential with the right song lolllllll
  9. Surprised Max is so low on facebook
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