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  1. none of these songs.... sound LIVE... all sound doctored... no way these ppl would be sounding so good LIVEEEE
  2. are they singing this live. sounds very doctored ....... somehow i dont think they would have sounded this good on the LIVE STAGE
  3. Thunderstorm and Mandi are pretty even to me.... y'all be over hyping him so much eh..
  4. she does FAR TOO MANY RUNS to try to sound unique.. sorry
  5. Camwess is a better vocalist than Thunderstorm... i said what i said
  6. these are some of the weakest battless ive ever seen
  7. Add me please... she gave me lowkey Maelyn vibes
  8. wow.... i have not seen such a weak group of singers in years on the voice... really lackluster first two episodes.. no one has stood out for me yet
  9. Jake got the pimp spot last week.... so he deserves the finish earlier in the order this week than everyone else
  10. Marybeth had so much potential if she got better songchoices imo could have been a contender to win.
  11. I want Katie to win but I'll gladly take a Ricky win anyday over Jake... does Ricky have a shot ?
  12. Kandi (grammy award winning songwriter) just posted Hello Sunday on instagram asking ppl to vote for them.... that was pretty random but she has a huge fanbase
  13. Kelly is about to have 3 wins in 4 seasons.... thats pretty dominant
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