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  1. thank God Doja not in the competition.. she would be bottom 2 with Kane
  2. yasss camwess pimp spot... to show thunderstorm what vocals areeeeeeeeeeee
  3. Not surprised Thunderstorm got a white wife.... i could tell by how he acts lol
  4. Zan's audition gave me a lot of hope she could be the next ''Maelyn'' ... she has a similar tone but lacked maelyn's range and power sadly.
  5. camilla cabello ? lol zan fighting for 9th place at this point lol
  6. the likes are more important than views... Micah has 7.6 k likes to her 6.1k likes
  7. Camwess has 9.8k likes on FB to Allegra's 5.2k... not sure why he is being underplayed for Allegra..
  8. I think Zan/Toneisha and Megan are probably gonna be instantly eliminated.
  9. I honestly think based on the social media numbers... I certainly won't count CammWess out of geting the 3rd public vote.. it will be very close between him,Micah and Allegra imo
  10. MANDI and her family got some stank faces on them after those results lol
  11. for being a two chair turn that lost his battle, camwess has really gained an impressive amount of support. even im shocked by it.. I know he was talented but his type of singing don't usually get support so I'm pleasantly surprised.
  12. not sure why Zan social media numbers are SO LOW.... to be honest i think she deserves more .. at first i considered her similar to maelyn but sadly she doesnt have the power and range maelyn has that made MAELYN stunning...
  13. really shocking to me todd is doing so well with a average performance ..... so imagine if todd gets a pandering song next week hmmmmm
  14. Todd is outperforming Thunderstorm on Facebook with such a weak performance, imagine what he can do with a good song and CamWess is doing double the numbers of Zan everywhere....
  15. Todd is outperforming Thunderstorm on Facebook and CamWess is doing double the numbers of Zan everywhere....
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