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  1. Y'all really think NBC Producers would allow a Gymani vs Jershika bottom 2 even if they were ? visually..... this won't be a good look for them in this climate and people already saying only certain type of singers excel here..  Jershika had one of , if not the best performance of last night.. I don't care what FB says... if she is bottom 2 after that... something is fundamentally wrong with this show.. let's be all the way real. 

  2. 2 minutes ago, TeamAudra said:

    I don’t think 207 of 164k people disliking a video tells us much. 

    164k isn't exactly the amount of ppl who watched the video.. thats how much times it was watched. i myself rewatch ppl at least 10 times lol 

  3. 39 minutes ago, TheVoiceFan2 said:

    Unfortunately, yes.


    We'll never know about Desz or Thunderstorm because of Team quotas. At the same time, saying Desz prospered when John H and her were the lowest placing contestants in the finale (while singing circles over many of the contestants multiple times) is not it.

    Same thing with Victor. 

    There are many many examples to debate but reaching an overall consensus that Blake gives everyone a big and equal advantage to all his contestants isn't the case, considering minivan has had a lot to say about black artists (especially females), even on Team Blake, and any other white artists from Team Blake get it a lot easier than them.

    Let's not also forget the fact that Brooke Simpson sang circles around Chloe and Addison in the finale and Brooke still came 3rd.... finale performances didn't even matter. 

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  4. 14 minutes ago, FloorWax said:


    This is a great point.



    Thunderstorm? Desz? Rose? Chris Blue?

    3rd/ ? / 4th ? 1st ... Chris Blue was literally MILES ahead vocally than anyone on that show that season... there's no way the audience could have even gave it to anyone else that year... same way when Maelyn won with John... the only time these coaches can beat Blake is when there is an undeniable talent that no bias can even overcome from the audience 

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  5. Let's be all the way real ? why do black artists only do well when placed on Team Blake ? I know people realize this but are afraid to touch on the subject...


    Paris all of a sudden has finalist potential and is pulling better numbers than Wendy now that he is on team Blake... 

    Cam Anthony won on Team Blake when he would not have won elsewhere ? What's the real reason for this ... 



  6. If this show wasn't so obsessed with Blake/Kelly and the minivan audience didn't only root for their artists.. Joshua and Jershika both deserve to be in the finale after their performances tonight. 

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