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  1. Kelly can go.. and take Blake with her... the show needs a refresh in my opinion.. they can easily bring in another country coach.
  2. Racism, sexism and misogyny exists everywhere.. anyone who says otherwise is ignorant.
  3. If Jershika wins this.... it's basically another Team Kelly artist making the finale... just proving the point that Blake and Kelly controls the demographic
  4. This just reiterates that Blake and Kelly needs to be given a rest from this show.. there is no way their 4 artists deserved the public votes into the finale over Jershika and Joshua.
  5. I had no idea who Bekah is but after reading the comments, if she is the girl from GNT who sounds basic as heck when she sings solo.. then y'all can't be insulting queen maelyn like that
  6. if he has the PV , that means Paris doesn't... and no way will Jershika beat Paris in a vote.
  7. He did everything possible to deserve a spot in that finale... I honestly think both him and Jershika gave finale worthy performances last night... it sucks that it could still result in both of them not making the finale cause they not minivan friendly.. but I've really became a fan of Joshua.. I think he has been the best live performer and vocalist of the live shows.. EASILY.
  8. I would actually prefer Paris getting the PV over Jim & Sasha.. cause I think it will give Jershika and Joshua a better chance to win the instant save.
  9. Really surprised Jershika and Paris have higher numbers than Joshua... how did that happen ?
  10. seems like the final public vote spot can be between Joshua and Paris... possibly with a J&S spoiler ?
  11. I'm thinking GNT/WENDY/HAILEY/PARIS top 4 PV might be the better option if Joshua or Jershika wants to make it into the finale... they can much easier win an instant save over Jim/Sasha and Lana than having to face Paris.
  12. Ariana BIG MAD for not standing for Joshua ... she claims to be a vocalist.. but still ain't tell jim and sasha they pitchy every week lol..
  13. Shawn Sounds... season 16... closed and made it to the middle 3 then got eliminated in the instant save.
  14. Imagine performing that good and knowing you didn't have a chance no matter what u did.... smh... Jershika you are a queen
  15. 2 from Team Blake and 2 from Team Kelly.. wow the diversity in the voice continues . It's so exciting every season seeing who from team kelly or blake is gonna win... no matter the talent on other teams.. .THE RUSH of seeing team blake or kelly win never fades away.. I love how unexpected this show is every season...
  16. 2 from Team Blake and 2 from Team Kelly.. wow the diversity in the voice continues lol. are these 4 favored to make the final 4 cause they are the best 4 ? let's be all the way real....
  17. are we all finally ready to admit that vocally Joshua has been the best since the live shows or nah ?
  18. Joshua and Jershika once again proving they both deserve to be in the finale... but with minivan voting other people regardless, they lucky if one of them get into the finale.
  19. Joshua/Jershika chances at finale is much better than Jim/Sasha IMO. and if the bottom 4 will be in the instant save... team legend will have at least 2/4 singing... that's not a bad thing..
  20. Twitter is flooded with Ariana/Holly... let's see how powerful Ari really is... because Jershika deserves to win.
  21. Y'all better be saving Jershika.. Jeremy does not deserve to stay over her
  22. Loving Joshua's suit... that was really cruel for them to skip team legend then.... you would swear jershika and joshua were bottom 3
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