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  1. Both the skating and Danielle Bradbery are spectacular! Danielle is better than ever! This should be her best year. It will be so exciting to watch it unfold!
  2. There were 127 songs listed some with interesting titles (Closer than A Secret, Something I Can Fall Into, When You Say We). Excited to hear what's coming ...
  3. Happy Birthday to Danielle Bradbery, whom I regard as a musical genius. I really believe new horizons will open up for you in the near future and all your fans will be there to cheer you on. God Bless!
  4. These videos can't be watched in the US but I was able to watch them by setting my VPN to Frankfort Germany. It was great bringing back those memories of Danielle's early days.
  5. On my PC when I bring up the Billboard Vote link, at first the vote panel is not there but, after about 8-10 seconds, it finally comes up. On my iPad with Safari, it has the same delay but finally comes up. It never comes up on FireFox. It's probably an active-X situation. After all these years it's disgusting that there is not more uniformity and compatibility among the various web page builders. Anyway, I have voted several times to cover any of you who haven't been able to vote in this one.
  6. By the way, Billboard is running a poll for most popular winner of The Voice at https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/9533852/favorite-voice-winner-poll/ I got the link from Brian D'Angelo (@BriDiesel8) on twitter. Thanks Brian! I couldn't get the full page up to vote in FireFox but it finally comes up in Edge or Safari on iPad/iPhone. (Don't know about other browsers) After you vote you get the current results. Danielle is ahead by miles at 60.6% but a few extra votes couldn't hurt.
  7. Those 1600+ IDF pages that were lost were great because we could go back through Danielle's journey through S4, especially the pages at the time she won. Many video's were posted, including every S4 appearance with coaches comments that some were able to capture on our own PC's. I often go through them all in sequence and enjoy how good she was on the show each time. Unfortunately, these videos can't be posted now because The Voice will take them down. It was good to see her BA posted with coaches comments for those who weren't around then. It's still hard to believe that IDF lost all that history but it's good to see that Danielle's pages are continually active and growing in number, anxiously waiting for what DB will do to amaze us next. Thanks for all the post!
  8. From "Mean" to Queen in so many ways. And the best is yet to come!
  9. Here's the lyrics for Never Have I Ever taken from the lyric video This is a neat song to sing along to, Danielle's best so far. Makes me anxious to hear the rest of DB3! Never Have I Ever Written by Danielle Bradbery, Laura Veltz, David Hodges Produced by Dann Huff Never have I ever been in love Looking back it all felt like pretend Honestly thought I knew what it was But never have I ever Never have I ever felt my heart Feel calm and so excited at the same time Thought you weren't real but here you are But never have I ever felt like Ooo-Hoo Yea-hey Got me confessing like this heart on my sleeve I'm a mess Got me like Ooo-Hoo Yea-hey Throwing rounds words like forever Never have I ever Never have I ever lost my mind Over someone simply saying my name How did you make me the chasing kind Cause never have I ever Believe that a fantasy Could be more that a dream I'm getting caught up Saying too much Look what you've done to me I'm like Ooo-Hoo Yea-hey Got me confessing like this Heart on my sleeve I'm a mess Got me like Ooo-Hoo Yea-hey Throwing round words like forever Never Have I ever Never Have I ever Been so over the moon Love drunk stars in my eyes Boy it has to be you But never have I ever____________ (Ooo-Hoo Yea-hey) (Got me confessing like this) Heart on my sleeve I'm a mess Got me like Ooo-Hoo Yea-hey Throwing round words like forever Never have I ever (Ooo-Hoo Yea-hey) Never have I ever Got me like (Ooo-Hoo Yea-hey) Never Never have I ever Never Have I Ever.txt
  10. Add me to the fan list. I've followed Danielle since Mean. I think she is a musical genius. I can't wait to see what she'll come up with next.
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