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  1. They've been lacking on the black churchy divas since the reboot started. Hopefully they get more of those this season. People like La'Porsha, Candice, Melinda, Fantasia, etc. People who are almost guaranteed to kill it every week with their big vocals.
  2. As long as they are talented, I don't think age matters.
  3. Michael Slezak would probably vote for him.
  4. Yes, this will probably be made again in 6 months once there is a new Final 2, but in the mean time, rank em! Kelly & Justin Ruben & Clay Fantasia & Diana Carrie & Bo Taylor & Katharine Jordin & Blake David C & David A Kris & Adam Lee & Crystal Scotty & Lauren Phillip & Jessica Candice & Kree Caleb & Jena Nick & Clark Trent & La'Porsha Maddie & Caleb Laine & Alejandro
  5. Isn't she Canadian? I guess they opened up auditions to Canadians? Unless she has dual citizenship or something.
  6. Even if someone on Idol didn't become the next Kelly or Carrie, the majority of the contestants are still working in music or in some cases, acting (Like Katie Stevens). Even many of the people who never got their major break are still working in music. But I have seen that isn't always the case. Which notable contestants went back to a "day job" to pay the bills? Here is what I have seen: Jason Castro (Season 7): Now does real estate but still performs on the side. But his real estate gig is his main source of income. Skylar Laine (Season 11): No longer does music. She was going to go to Dental School, but got married and had a kid and is now a stay-at-home Mom. Alex Lambert (Season 9): I know he wasn't even a finalist, but he seemed to have a promising future. Lived in LA for awhile and worked on music and was on that web series. But he is now back in Dallas doing real estate. Tim Urban (Season 9): Another contestant who stayed in LA for awhile then moved back to Texas. He got married and started a family. Not really sure what he is doing now- construction I heard?
  7. For me, its between Ellen and Mariah. Ellen had a few funny moments, but overall she looked uncomfortable and most of her critiques were "You were great!" Or "I loved it!" Mariah was passive aggressive and was the reason why the judging panel didn't work in Season 12. Also her critiques were way too long winded and she tended to ramble.
  8. Not my channel, but I recently discovered it. It has all the seasons except Seasons 15 and 16. But I think they will eventually get them up. American Idol 2002 - 2014, 2019, Season 1 - 13, Season 17 https://www.youtube.com/user/abegitu/playli...amp;shelf_id=12 American Idol 2015, Season 14 https://www.youtube.com/user/abegitu/playli...amp;shelf_id=13 The channel also has The Sing Off, X Factor UK, and Britains Got Talent.
  9. I agree with what you said. Adam is talented, but I agree that he is overrated. Not everything has to be theatrical and over the top when you are performing. His fans will also go off on you if you say anything that remotely criticizes him. I have noticed that on MJ's also. Sometimes it feels like an Adam Lambert blog.
  10. In hindsight, I actually think Season 7 is overrated by fans. Many people in the Idol bubble (and IDF) use it as some "gold standard" regarding idol seasons. Looking back and watching the performances, many of the finalists were inconsistent to mediocre. Brooke and Jason pretty much fell apart after the top 10 (sans Jason's Over The Rainbow and Brooke's very last performance). Carly, Syesha, KLC, and Michael were inconsistent- and Syesha isn't as good as a lot of the other divas we have seen on the show. It wasn't a bad season by any means, and I loved how diverse the top 12 was. Also on a positive note, David Cook was mostly consistent every week and David Archuleta was also very talented (even though he had a few missteps himself). But it was obvious those two would be the final two. I disagree with those who say things along the lines "Nobody has ever and ever will touch Kelly Clarkson, she is the best contestant/winner ever and best there ever will be." Of course she is very talented and deserved her win 100%, especially when you consider her competition she had her season. But there have been contestants in subsequent seasons that have out sang and out performed her. Although she was very consistent, her run wasn't as flawless as some say. After the way he acted in his later seasons, I didn't miss Simon at all after he left. Good riddance. I didn't miss Paula either, but we could have used her in Season 9. The judges were all nasty that season. And Ellen, who was supposed to be in the "Nice judge" role didn't stand up to Simon when he was cruel to a contestant like Paula used to. It made the vibe of the season feel depressing. Its no wonder those contestants were nervous that season. I think everybody is about to hate me now. :D :ph34r:
  11. Post any unpopular opinions related to American Idol here!
  12. Maybe they can put all the seasons on Disney+, especially now that Disney owns Fox. :shifty:
  13. For me: Season 10- The show felt fresh and fun after a dismal Season 9. The finalists were diverse. And it gave me my favorite winner ever. Plus, unpopular opinion, but I loved the final two contestants. Season 14- Just kinda boring. No real standouts. I think I even prefer Season 9 ahead of this. I think if Sarina lasted longer, it could had been better. Joey, Clark, and Nick weren't bad, but ehh.
  14. She should had at least been in the top 3.
  15. I refuse to call them Seasons 1 and 2. For me, 16 was way better. It was an overall talented bunch even though some didn't reach their full potential due to the quick format. But most of the top 10 had at least one great performance and we ended up with a great winner who never really faltered and delivered strong performances every week. 17 started out with a lot of promise but a lot of them choked once the live shows hit. And even though one of my favorites won, the elimination order was pretty messed up. People like Wade lasting over Dimitrius, Uche, and Jeremiah was a travesty.
  16. I recommend this channel's playlist. Right now he has seasons 1-13 and 17. He is working on 14 right now. https://www.youtube.com/user/abegitu/playli...amp;shelf_id=12 It also has The X Factor UK, The Sing Off, and Britain's Got Talent.
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